SEPCO Online Bill || How to Check and Pay Online?

With the upcoming Sukkur SEPCO online bill, you can rest assured that all your problems related to SEPCO will be solved.


SEPCO Online Bill

SEPCO is a company that takes care of electricity distribution in Sukkur. It was formed by branching HESCO, so their areas of operation, which were totally under supervision before, are now divided into two parts.

SEPCO for those who live and work around the city itself. At the same time, other people have Huawei distribute power where they need service due to its wider range-of-service capabilities.

You must know about these changes because this could affect how much money your family spends on things like bills or groceries each month. As well as what services might become more expensive if demand increases rapidly over time.

SEPCO is here to serve you. If your power has been cut off and you live in an area near Sukkur Larkana or Dadu, this page will help keep track of why it happened so that no next time someone can fix their problem faster by working together; with SEPCO.

Entering just one reference number after clicking “view last 6 months” takes less than 5 minutes but may make all the difference when nobody was home before trust me on this one.

How To Check The SEPCO Online Bill?

The online billing for electricity and telecommunication services at SEPCO has become very easy with the help of a simple form. You can view your duplicate bill within seconds by following these steps

1) Go to their official website

2) Click “Billing Page” in a blue bar situated at the front-page window (or behind a login)

3) Write down reference numbers from previous transactions which you would like duplicated onto this one

4) Paste it into the blank box indicated as such. Do not forget to check “Electricity Bill (General & Industrial).” Before proceeding further otherwise we will not receive any information about how much power our office consumed last month. Lastly, submit a request after making sure everything is correct.

How To Pay The Bill?


Some people may find it exhausting to stand in line and wait for their turn, but other ways of paying utility bills are online banking. Here’s how:

  • Banking
  • Easy paisa
  • Jazz cash 

Areas Covered By SEPCO

  • Sukhar 
  • Larkana 
  • Dadu 


  • Rahimyar Khan District
  • Jacobabad
  • Kandhkot/ Kashmore
  • Shikarpur
  • Khairpur
  • Larkana
  • Ghotki
  • Shaheed Benazirabad District
  • Kamber / Shahdadkot
  • Dadu some area of Jamshoro District

SEPCO Working Hours 

SEPCO’s office hours are from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays with 2 hours break for Jumma prayers. The company will be closed every Sunday, but if you need help during business days or any other time, their phone number is available 24/7.