Ron Howard || His Children, Wife, Net Worth & Statistics

Ron Howard Children a topic of discussion in the industry. He is a professional American film director and producer and actor. Ron was born on March 1, 1958, in Duncan, USA, and from childhood is a rising star.

He is a father of sons and one illegitimate daughter. To know more about Ron Howard’s kid’s Facts let’s talk first of all about his life worth and a big career.

His father “Howard” was also an actor who started acting in 1948 for his career. Ron’s father Rance Howard had given three years in the USA Air Force at the time of his birth.

Ron Howard

Then in 1958, his family moved to Hollywood before the birth of his younger brother Clint Howard. They took a house on rent on the block south before getting their own home, his show The Andy Griffith Show had filmed there.

He spent three years with his family in Hollywood before going to Burbank. Ron Howard’s education started at Desilu Studios in his younger years. Then moved to school at Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary and David Star Jordan Junior High.

Before came into the film industry did he graduated from John Burroughs High School. Later on, Ron joined the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. From his school-age, he was always eager to join Hollywood and become an actor while a wise famous director.

Wife Of Ron Howard

A writer Cheryl Alley married Ron (b. 1953) on June 7, 1975. Cheryl his wife was born in 1953 and a pretty lady. They have four children and all are actors.

In 1981 Bryce Dallas Howard his daughter was born, then twins son Jocelyn Carlyle and Paige Howard born in 1985, and in 1987 his son Reed Cross was born.

Ron Howard Film Career

He first came to screen as a child actor, guest-starring in many TV series as in an episode of The Twilight Zone. Also, gained public attention in the show The Andy Griffith from 1960 to 1968 for playing Opie Taylor as the son of Sheriff Andy Taylor.

Ron Howard Film Career

During this time, in 1962 he appeared in the musical film The Music Man, with a commercial and hit success. Ronny Howard from the time of 1959 to 1973 in his film and television appearances got a lot of fame. Howard played one of his leadership roles in the coming-of-age film American Graffiti when he was cast in (1973).

Ron when played his famous role, Richie Cunningham, as from 1974 to 1980 so got huge fame. His continuous appearance in films made his way of life towards the film directory. During this time, he showed his film directory interest in many films as in 1976 in the Shootist (1976) and in 1977 the Grand Theft Auto a comedy film.

Ron Howard As A Film Director

  • In 1980 Howard started focusing on the film directory so he left Happy Days.
  • The directory films are the science-fiction/fantasy Cocoon in (1985),
  • the fantasy Willow in 1988
  • the thriller Backdraft in 1991
  • the historical docudrama Apollo 13 in 1995
  • A Beautiful Mind in 2001
  • the other sports drama Cinderella Man in 2005
  • the thriller in 2006
  • the historical drama Frost in 2008
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story in 2018

On these remarkable work and intelligence, he won the Academy Award for Best Director and another Academy Award for Best Picture. On these works and intelligence, he won awards like the Academy Award for Stylish Director and Academy Award for Stylish Picture.

Since 2003, Howard has recited the Netflix comedy series Arrested Development. In this film, he also played as a patron and a semi-fictionalized intro of himself. In the same year, he had awarded the National Medal of Arts. So, he got mane Asteroid 12561 Howard after that.

The year 2013 when he came into the Television Hall of Fame. Howard has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his benefactions to the TV filmy career.

Ron Howard Children

Ron Howard Children

Bryce Dallas Howard as the eldest child of Ron and Cheryl was born in Los Angeles in March 1981. A well-known actress and director who has started her career in films as help, rocketman, and also in this Jurassic world Voting.

A few years ago, came into the world of directing as now working on many episodes of the famous Disney land series. She married a famous actor Seth Gabel now both have two children Theodore norman and Beatrice Jean. Ron liked to give each of his children nicknames because of his interest.

Paige Howard is also the twin daughter of Ron and Cheryl’s was born in Los Angeles in February 1985. Paige follows the career hits of her father Ron and older sister as an actress. She started her career in the film NYC School of the Arts, Adventureland, And employer.

Other famous TV series are Medium, Arrested Development, Stalk Talk, And Astronaut. Paige liked to engage for almost three years with Tim Abu-Nasro, an actor and musician. In May 2020 their wedding ceremony was late due to the cold pandemic told by an Instagram post.

She showed positive vibes for her finance and set another wedding date after the covid attack. Jocelyn Carlyle Howard the twin sister of Howard Paige born in February 1985 in Los Angeles. She is far away from the Hollywood film industry as her famous father and siblings are too much in it.

She even does not have a full career in Hollywood but appeared in 2018 in an episode of Arrested Development from her social page report. Yet she had a little public appearance with family only the event of her father’s star walk ceremony in 2015.

The fame event of her father when he awarded with his second start for his directing career. Not even on social media, she appeared in photos except a rare snapshot. But once in September 2019 on a weekend soccer game with Paige on Instagram post.

Then in April Reed Cross Howard is the youngest son child of Ron and Cheryl born in Los Angeles. Reed is a good golf player and YouTuber who shares golf videos on his official youtube channel.

Reed’s Instagram account content is all about his golf and workout videos. Not only this also with the cute photos and videos of Aspen her daughter Aspen. How does he call his children either by their nickname? All his sons have nicknames related to their locations.

Ron Howard Net worth

Ron Howard Net worth

Ron Howard’s net worth is also an interesting point to discuss here. Whether he takes money from The Andy Griffith Show or not is crucial. But in reality, got fame as a child star from there and makes a lot with a net worth of about $200 million.

In 2004 this couple gave $5.6 million for a 3,000 square-foot large apartment in New York, USA. Both of them added an extra’s many million into their revenue. Later on, in the year 2017, their apartment was for sale for $12.5 million. They lowered the price to $11.5 million but did not get a buyer.

Their apartment is still on listing not sold out even by decreasing its amount. They own a second new apartment which had purchased in 2002 for $712,000.

They paid $27.5 million for a 33-acre estate on a lake in Greenwich in 2013. Then paid $2.75 million in 2006 for their home apartment in Santa Monica in California. These are some sources on which both Ron Howard and his wife spent $200 million net worth.

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