Today, in order to register with almost any modern major online service, you must enter your cell phone number. This also applies to social networks and messengers.

By this requirement, the developers of such resources reduce the number of bots and make it easier for the user to restore the account in the event of losing access to it.

But sometimes it is necessary to have several accounts in one service; this may be necessary both for personal purposes and for conducting business on the Internet.

And if you need not two, but ten or even more accounts, this already causes difficulties. This is not the only case in which renting a phone number for SMS verification can help.

In this article we’ll understand what it is, what lease options exist and how to get a virtual number in just a few minutes.

What is a rental phone number to receive SMS messages?

Renting a virtual phone number is quite a popular service among active Internet users. Basically, a person gets an opportunity to receive text messages to a certain cell phone number. Such SMS, for example, may contain a code for confirmation of registration in a social network or any service.

What are the variants of rent of virtual numbers for SMS?

This service is very popular among ordinary people as well as among marketers or company owners.

Thanks to it, you will have an additional means of communication, without clogging up your personal phone number with advertising and other messages. It can be arranged only for the time you need.

There are two options for renting a number:

  • Full – in this case, you can receive any number of messages from various services;
  • Service-specific – you need to select a service from which you will receive messages on the leased number.

How do virtual number services work to receive SMS?

To get a virtual phone number for SMS, you just need to go to the site of the service and follow the instructions, which it necessarily has. Most often, it is done quite simply:

  1. You find a suitable number of rental services and pay a certain amount for the service.
  2. Then in the service where you want to register, you enter the phone number provided.
  3. In the interface of the service, you receive an SMS message.

Usually, a virtual phone number is rented for 20 minutes to several months. At the end of our instructions, we’ll be sure to give you step-by-step instructions on how to get a temporary virtual number using one of the services.

What are the advantages of a Virtual Phone Number?

There are a lot of advantages of virtual numbers. Among them, you can highlight the ease of use, because you do not need to buy a SIM card or an additional cell phone. All you have to do is to rent a number.

In addition, you can receive messages on such a number even when you are in another country, for this purpose it is enough to connect to the Internet.

Another advantage is anonymity. To get a virtual phone number you don’t have to provide your passport data or other personal information. It is enough to register using your e-mail address at a specialized resource and you can get down to work.

It is also worth noting that the cost of a virtual number is many times less than the cost of buying a SIM card. This will not only help you quickly and easily get an additional mobile number but also save your money.

A step-by-step instruction how to get a virtual number with SMS-man

To get a virtual cellular number to receive SMS online, follow these steps:

1. Complete a simple registration on the website of the online service SMS-man or enter using any social network

2. Confirm your account in the letter you received and log in to your personal cabinet using the username and password you created earlier.

3. 3. Make sure you have enough money on your balance, which will cover the cost of connecting at least one virtual number for receiving SMS (Average cost varies from $0,05 to $0,10 per unit).

3. Choose the country of the operator, you can do it in the list on the main page.

4. Indicate the service you need a virtual number for (more than 1000 variants are available).

5. Check the correctness of the entered information and make the purchase by clicking “Buy”.

Buying a virtual number on the SMS-man website is an opportunity to expand your limits for a minimal fee. So you can rent unlimited virtual numbers