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The company behind the popular game PUBG, Krafton, has filed a lawsuit against Garena, accusing them of copying many elements from PUBG in their games Free Fire and Free Fire Max.

The lawsuit also involves Apple and Google, as Krafton claims that the two tech giants have been distributing the copied games on their app stores and profiting from them.

Krafton alleges that Garena’s games, Free Fire and Free Fire Max, have copied many aspects of PUBG, such as gameplay mechanics, locations, weapons, and color schemes.

Krafton claims that Garena has made millions of dollars from in-app sales, and that Apple and Google have also made substantial profits from distributing the games.

Krafton asked Garena to stop copying PUBG elements, but they refused. Krafton also requested that Apple, Google, and YouTube remove infringing content, but they have not done so yet.

In the lawsuit, Krafton mentions that Garena sold a game in Singapore in 2017 that copied PUBG, but no license agreement was established. Garena’s parent company, Sea, has denied the allegations, and Apple and Google have not yet commented on the lawsuit.

The ongoing discussion about the usage of similar features in video games and the significance of copyright and intellectual property law in the gaming business are both highlighted by this litigation.

In the future, video game creators may approach intellectual property issues differently depending on how this litigation turns out.


rajkotupdates-news-pubg-developer-krafton-has-filed-a-lawsuit-against-garena-free-fire: PUBG was initially released in 2017 and swiftly spread over the world. Players in this battle royale-style game must scour an island for weapons and supplies while dodging other players. Garena Free Fire is one of the games in the battle royale genre that were created as a result of its success.

In 2017, the Singaporean game company Garena released Garena Free Fire. The past year has seen a huge increase in its popularity, especially in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

It differs from PUBG in a number of ways, like having shorter game periods and smaller maps, yet sharing comparable gameplay principles.

The Lawsuit

rajkotupdates-news-pubg-developer-krafton-has-filed-a-lawsuit-against-garena-free-fire Garena Free Fire reportedly plagiarized various elements from PUBG, according to Krafton’s lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, the UI, characters, and gameplay of Garena Free Fire are very similar to those of PUBG.

Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that Garena Free Fire has stolen ideas from other popular games like Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Krafton is suing Garena for allegedly violating PUBG’s copyright and engaging in unfair competition. Furthermore, Krafton is requesting an injunction to prevent Garena from using any PUBG elements in their game in the future.

Garena’s Response

As of this writing, Garena has not officially replied to Krafton’s lawsuit. It’s worth mentioning, though, that Garena has refuted charges of copyright infringement in a statement published in 2019.

According to the company, rajkotupdates-news-pubg-developer-krafton-has-filed-a-lawsuit-against-garena-free-fire their game, Free Fire, is a one-of-a-kind product that does not infringe on any existing intellectual property.

It remains to be seen how Garena will respond to Krafton’s latest complaint, and whether any statements will be issued in the near future.

The Future of the Lawsuit

The route of the lawsuit’s progression is currently unknown. Nonetheless, the lawsuit has drawn attention to the gaming industry’s ongoing debate over the use of similar elements in different games.

Several developers have been accused of stealing elements from other games, and lawsuits like this one are expected to become more common in the future.

The outcome of this lawsuit could set a precedent for how intellectual property and copyright infringement are handled in the gaming industry in the future.

rajkotupdates-news-pubg-developer-krafton-has-filed-a-lawsuit-against-garena-free-fire Similarities and Differences Between PUBG and Garena Free Fire

Both PUBG and Garena Free Fire are battle royale games in which players strive to be the last individual or team standing.

They share gameplay mechanics such as looking for weapons and supplies, shrinking play regions, and dealing with environmental hazards.

Despite their similarities, the two games have significant variances. Players in PUBG must make strategic decisions depending on limited resources and geography, making it more realistic and tactical.

Garena Free Fire, on the other hand, favors a faster-paced, arcade-style gameplay that emphasizes action and agility.

Other Games Accused of Copying Elements From PUBG

PUBG has been sued by several video game creators for allegedly stealing components from the game without permission.

rajkotupdates-news-pubg-developer-krafton-has-filed-a-lawsuit-against-garena-free-fire The most notable example concerned Epic Games, the Fortnite developer, who was accused of stealing PUBG’s “battle royale” gameplay feature.

Other games, in addition to Epic Games, have been accused of stealing elements from PUBG, including Rules of Survival, Knives Out, and Free Fire.

These charges have sparked debate regarding the originality of video game concepts and the role of intellectual property legislation in the gaming industry.

It will be interesting to see how these debates impact the future of video game development and intellectual property challenges.

Impact of The Lawsuit on The Gaming Industry

Krafton’s case against Garena might have far-reaching consequences for the gaming industry, notably in terms of copyright and intellectual property law.

If Krafton is successful in proving that Garena Free Fire plagiarized parts from PUBG, it may set a precedent for other video game creators to take legal action against competitors that use comparable gameplay mechanics or aesthetic aspects.

However, if Garena is successful in defending itself against the allegations, it may pave the way for more lenient interpretations of copyright law in the gaming industry.

Whatever the outcome, the action is likely to have long-term consequences for how video game makers tackle intellectual property issues in the future.

Final Words rajkotupdates-news-pubg-developer-krafton-has-filed-a-lawsuit-against-garena-free-fire

The lawsuit between Krafton and Garena over allegations of copying in Garena’s game, Free Fire, highlights the ongoing debate around the use of similar elements in different games.

The outcome of this case could set a precedent for how copyright and intellectual property disputes are handled in the gaming industry, which is becoming increasingly important as video games become more complex and competitive.

Ultimately, the case underscores the need for game developers to prioritize originality while respecting intellectual property rights.

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