perfect gift for the non girly teenage girl

Navigating the typical teen gift market is a challenge; so many options and styles can feel overwhelming. It can be hard to shop for non girly teenage girls.

Fortunately, plenty of fantastic gifts will make any teenage girl smile, whether you’re looking for something practical or something to show appreciation. 

Here are 15 ideas to help you find the perfect gift for the non-girly teenage girl.

1. Portable Charger: 

Give the gift of convenience with a portable charger. This pocket-sized device will ensure that any teen’s phone, tablet, or other electronic device stays powered up even when she’s away from home.

2. Gift Card 

A gift card is always appreciated, no matter the age or gender of the recipient. Consider picking up a gift card to her favourite store, whether it be clothing, books, or electronics.

That way, she can buy whatever she wants without you having to worry about getting the wrong size or colour.

3. Digital Camera 

A digital camera is an excellent gift for any teenage girl who likes taking photos. It’s also a great way for her to learn about photography and explore her creative side.

Consider getting a basic model that’s easy to use, or go for a more advanced one if you’re generous.

4. Paintball Party 

Adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers alike will appreciate a paintball party. This is an excellent way for her and her friends to bond while running around shooting at each other. Plus, it’s a lot of fun for everyone involved.

5. Video Games 

Whether she’s a fan of shooters or RPGs, get her the latest video game console and some accessories to go with it so she can enjoy her favourite games in style. If you want to make things even more unique, consider getting her a collector’s edition.

6. Weird Jewellery 

Many teenage girls love jewellery and accessories, so this is a great gift idea for any girl.

Consider getting her a unique ring or necklace so she can add a personal touch to her outfit. 8 Color Mini Flashing Light Up Christmas Necklace is always a great option to make sure she stands out!

7. Craft Supplies 

Crafting is a great way for teen girls to explore their creativity and make something special.

Whether she likes to sew, paint, or make jewellery, get her some supplies that she can use to craft whatever her heart desires. Exchanging handmade items is always fun, too.

8. Travel Gear 

Does she love to explore the world? Get her travel gear so she can hit the road in style. This could include items like backpacks, sleeping bags, and tents. Or, you could get her a gift card to an airline or hotel so that she can choose where to go.

9. Music Equipment 

Many non girly teens are passionate about music and may want to start playing an instrument or recording their tracks. Get her a quality set of headphones or a microphone so that she can get started creating her beats.

10. Skateboard 

If she’s into extreme sports, get her a quality skateboard so she can show off her skills. You could even get her some protective gear for added safety.

11. Books 

She’ll appreciate that you remembered her passion for reading. Non Girly teens love books like any other teen. Get her the latest young adult novel or more classic if that’s what she’s into.

12. Technology Accessories 

Does she already have a laptop or tablet? Get her some tech accessories to customise it according to her style. Consider getting her a stylish case, keyboard cover, and mousepad.

13. Subscription Box 

Subscription boxes are a fun way to explore new products and brands. Choose one tailored to her interests, such as makeup, books, or snacks. She can look forward to receiving something exciting in the mail every month.

14. Art Supplies 

Get her some art supplies to express herself creatively. She’ll appreciate the chance to explore her artistic side as a beginner or an experienced artist.

15. Movie Night 

Movie night is an excellent way for her and her friends to bond. Get her some tickets to the latest movie, or get a subscription to a streaming service so she can watch whatever she wants from the comfort of home. Either way, this will be an excellent gift for any non-girly teen.


Gift giving can be simple with these ideas. You can find the perfect present for any non girly teen in your life.

Whether she prefers practical gifts or something special to show off, there is something here for everyone. Check the size and colour before purchasing if you’re worried about getting the wrong size or colour. Happy shopping!