The Most Anticipated PS5 Games for 2023

It looks like PS5 owners are in for a big year in 2023 with many exciting titles announced. Investing in the latest PlayStation isn’t always about getting a new gaming console; it is opening the door to the latest and greatest when it comes to the games themselves. With some titles being exclusive for the PS5, for many gamers, it’s a necessity in their gaming set-up. So, which games should you be prioritizing this year? Here’s a look at the most anticipated games for 2023 that you can play on your PS5.

Minecraft: Legends

To say that Minecraft has been a big game is a massive understatement. The game consistently ranks as one of the top most-played games in the world. These spinoffs have proven huge for the developers, as Minecraft Dungeons breathed all new life into the game.

Minecraft: Legends promises even more adventure, action, and fun and is being billed as the biggest side project the series has taken on. This one will look and feel a bit different, with it having a unique artsy vibe. However, all the features you know and love about Minecraft are still there, but in a more stylized way. This game will also be mostly played in the third person. The release date is set for mid-April, so players don’t have much longer to wait for this action strategy game.

Dead Island 2

Also being released in April is Dead Island 2, from Deep Silver Dambuster Studios. There are plenty of Dead Island players that have probably given up hope of ever seeing a sequel at this point, as its launch was first announced back in 2014. Well, it seems the wait is almost over and it won’t be long until you can get in on the action. Watch for this one to feature RPG-style gaming, plenty of over-the-top action and violence, and for the zombie story to take a backseat to sheer, almost comic-like ridiculous storylines.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

It’s time for another instalment from Rocksteady with its upcoming May release of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Players will love that the game features a new story, so nothing is being rehashed here. Other highlights include four playable characters, one to four-player co-op mode, unique weapons for each character, and even an evil Superman.

Get Game-Ready Before Top Titles Release

If you’ve still got some time before the titles release that you are most interested in, you have time to get game-ready. Sure, you’ve got the PS5, but without high-speed internet access, your gaming sessions will lag and cause a lot of frustration. Internet gaming with fiber can take gaming to the next level thanks to the reliability and speed it features. Take advantage of higher bandwidth, less jitter and latency and the fact you don’t have to share a connection – which can drastically slow things down.

This is only a small look at the many titles being released in 2023, which means PS5 gamers will have lots to get excited about.