MEPCO Online Bill || How To Check Electricity Bill

MEPCO Online Bill customers, rejoice. Getting your electricity bill online is now easier than ever. Couldn’t you feel the pain whenever you receive a duplicate copy of it one day before or on the collection date? 

Now, all that changes with an official app from Multan Electric Power Company offering users access to their accounts in seconds and printing them too if needed for verification purposes only.


What Is Mepco?

MEPCO is a power distributor that aims to supply safe and reliable electricity, no matter where you live. MEPCO has been operating in the country for over two decades now, with an average of 34 million people per household lighting up their homes thanks to this company’s work.

Billing Information

You can quickly check the status of your bill with the due date and view a full copy where you’ll find the meter reading date, issue date as well as how much is left to pay after that.

Furthermore, other details might help understand what’s going on behind the scenes, like surcharge amounts or even payment history for the last 12 months so far.

Online Billing System

In the past, billing was a time-consuming and complicated process. But now, with digitization taking over as well, it has become much simpler to spectate your information online or pay through various means using our modern platform that offers security for transactions.

Today you can access all of this from anywhere in just seconds without having any trouble at all.

Because we have implemented secure connections along with rapid transaction speeds, which make paying MEPCO Multan bills so easy.

How To Check The MEPCO Bill?

  • Enter Reference No without any space or gap
  • Check the Reference No again before clicking “Generate” to avoid any mistakes.
  • Upon entering the correct Reference No, a PDF copy of your current bill will be displayed.
  • Press “Ctrl + P” to print your MEPCO duplicate bill.

MEPCO Email Service 

The bill email service is a great feature offered. You can subscribe to monthly bills and receive an informative message telling of any changes in your account before the due date.

To sign up for this, provide us with some information about yourself, including an email address or phone number, so we know who should be sending these messages. It’s really helpful when deadlines are coming around quickly. 

MEPCO Policies For Electricity 

MEPCO Policies For Electricity 

The sponsors or residents generally bear the cost of electricity for housing projects. Your local government may have adopted a policy that financially sanctions your neighborhood in order to help revitalize it through economic activity.

Still, you should contact them if there are any problems with restoring power.