Managing Misbehaving Students When Teaching Online:

As a teacher, you have to deal with every kind of student in a classroom, and you may have a tough time dealing with the ones who mishave or disturb the class. It does not matter whether you teach online or in traditional classrooms, teach kids or adults, you might face certain situations where you have to manage the classroom.

However, since teaching online is relatively new, you might find it a little challenging to run your class. This article will suggest tips for online classroom management, especially while teaching English. So keep reading!

Tips to Handle Misbehaving Students Online:

Your class gets disturbed by students who do not pay attention in the class, keep talking on the phone during class, disrespect you or fellow mates., etc., which not only affects you but also puts off other students. Even though dealing with such students might get on your nerves, there are various ways of handling such students in a better way.

Here are the tips for online classroom management:

  • Set Clear Rules

At the start of the session or the class, make sure to inform your students about the rules that they must follow and/or what you expect from them.

  • Give importance to punctuality and emphasize being empathetic and supportive.
  • Inform them about what type of language you will promote in the class.
  • Inform them about the consequences of intentionally disturbing the class can be.
  • If you do not want them to turn on their cameras or mic all the time while teaching through the online teaching app, inform them about it and when they should be turning it on- when you ask them to, to ask questions and doubts, etc.
  • Handle Disciplinary Issues Right Away

If you find your students disturbing the class, do not give them leeway; address the issue right away! Do not entertain your students talking in the class or disturbing the class by talking to someone else.

If you find your student not paying enough attention in the class, ask them to do so. Also, if you find them being rude and using foul language, address it right away. Basically, take prompt action for all the disciplinary issues.

  • Talk in Private

Making sure that a student does not feel humiliated is also your responsibility, no matter how annoying the student is. Being the mature person between you both, handling disciplinary issues in private is the best way to handle disturbances in class instead of calling out names in front of the whole class. Also, make sure to always use a positive tone and be humble when you speak.

However, if it does not get better, take other actions such as informing their parents or the school administration.

  • Lead by Example

Be a role model to your students. If you expect good behaviour from them, show what good behaviour is to them. You will pass on the vibe of positivity, respect, politeness and professionalism in the class when you do what you expect from your students.

Final Thoughts:

Managing misbehaving students online requires effort and hence, you should set your rules and expectations and how to go about it beforehand. Be strict but at the same time be gentle and polite. You should reflect on what you want from them.