Larry Bird Kids – Find Out Everything You Need To Know! 

Larry Bird, a basketball icon and one of the greatest players in NBA history, is known for his outstanding skills on the court and his contributions as a coach and executive in the field.

Corrie and Conner from his first marriage, and Mariah and Connor, whom he adopted with his second wife, Dinah Mattingly. While they maintain a private lifestyle, the influence of Bird’s basketball legacy is evident in their lives.  

In this article, we will delve into the lives of Larry Bird’s kids, exploring their experiences, achievements, and the unique challenges they face as the offspring of a basketball legend. 

Larry Bird: The Basketball Legend – Uncover The Truth Here!

Before we explore Larry Bird’s family life, it’s essential to understand the magnitude of his impact on the basketball world. Born on December 7, 1956, in West Baden Springs, Indiana, Larry Joe Bird became a key player for the Boston Celtics in the NBA during the 1980s.

The Basketball Legend
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Known for his exceptional shooting, basketball IQ, and leadership skills, Bird became a three-time NBA champion and a three-time NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP). After retiring as a player in 1992, Bird continued his involvement in the sport, taking on roles as a coach and executive.

He took on the head coach role for the Indiana Pacers from 1997 to 2000 and subsequently held the position of the team’s President of Basketball Operations. Bird’s impact on the game extends beyond his playing days, making him a revered figure in the basketball community.

Larry Bird’s Family Life – Explore The Details Instantly!

Larry Bird has been married twice, and the media have covered his family life less extensively than his basketball career. Bird’s first marriage was to Janet Condra in 1975, and they had two children together: Corrie and Conner. Nevertheless, the marital union concluded in divorce in 1976.

Bird then married Dinah Mattingly in 1989, and the couple has adopted two children: Mariah and adopted son Connor. While Larry Bird’s life in the public eye has been centered around his basketball career, his family has remained relatively private.

Nonetheless, glimpses into their lives have emerged over the years, providing a nuanced understanding of the challenges and joys that come with being part of a basketball dynasty.

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The Eldest Daughter – Dive Into The Information!

Larry Bird’s eldest daughter, Corrie Bird, has largely stayed out of the public eye. Born during Bird’s first marriage to Janet Condra, Corrie experienced the early years of her father’s basketball career.

However, she has chosen to maintain a private life, away from the spotlight that often accompanies the children of celebrities. Despite the lack of public information about Corrie, it is known that she has been supportive of her father throughout his career.

In various interviews, Larry Bird has expressed his gratitude for his family’s unwavering support, and it can be inferred that Corrie played a role in this support system during her father’s playing and coaching days.

The Firstborn Son – Discover The Facts Now!

Conner Bird, Larry Bird’s firstborn son from his brief marriage to Janet Condra, has had a more visible presence in the media. Born in 1987, Conner grew up in the shadow of his father’s basketball legacy.

While he has not pursued a career in professional sports like his father, Conner has faced his share of challenges and legal issues. In 2013, Conner made headlines when he was arrested for allegedly attempting to hit his ex-girlfriend with his car.

The incident highlighted the struggles and difficulties accompanying being a public figure’s child. It also underscored the importance of maintaining a balance between the privileges and pressures that come with being part of a famous family.

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The Adopted Daughter – Find Out Everything You Need To Know!

Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly adopted Mariah Bird, adding a new dynamic to their family. Mariah, born in 1988, has largely kept a low profile in the media, in line with her family’s inclination towards privacy.

The Adopted Daughter
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Growing up with a basketball legend as a father, Mariah has likely experienced a unique blend of normalcy and fame. Little is known about Mariah’s personal pursuits or career choices.

Still, the Bird family’s commitment to privacy suggests that she has been able to live a relatively everyday life away from the public eye. Larry Bird, in interviews, has emphasized the importance of family and has been protective of his children’s privacy.

The Adopted Son – Get Informed In a Snap!

In addition to Mariah, Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly adopted a son, Connor Bird. Born in 1993, Connor was welcomed into the Bird family, providing a sense of continuity to Larry Bird’s legacy. Like Mariah, Connor has kept a low profile, and details about his personal life and endeavors are scarce.

Being the adopted son of a basketball legend comes with its own expectations, but the Bird family’s approach to privacy has likely shielded Connor from the intense scrutiny that often accompanies celebrity status.

In various interviews, Larry Bird has emphasized the importance of family bonds, and it can be inferred that Connor, along with his siblings, has been an integral part of the tight-knit Bird family.

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The Challenges of Being Larry Bird’s Children – Click To Unravel The Mystery!

Growing up as the child of a basketball legend brings a unique set of challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, Larry Bird’s kids have had access to unparalleled experiences, witnessing their father’s achievements and the adulation he received from fans.

On the other hand, they have had to navigate the pressures and expectations of being part of a famous family. One significant challenge is the constant public scrutiny. Larry Bird’s status as a basketball icon means that his children are often subject to media attention, whether they seek it or not.

The media’s curiosity about their personal lives, career choices, and relationships can be overwhelming, creating a need for the Bird family to maintain a delicate balance between public and private spheres. Moreover, living up to Larry Bird’s legacy is challenging.

The basketball legend’s impact on the sport is immense, and his children may feel a certain level of expectation to achieve similar success. Whether pursuing careers in basketball or choosing different paths, Larry Bird’s kids may face comparisons and the weight of their father’s reputation.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that Larry Bird has protected his family’s privacy. While he has been a public figure, he has shielded his children from unnecessary public attention, allowing them to carve their paths away from the glare of the spotlight.


1. How many children does Larry Bird have?

Larry Bird has four children: Corrie and Conner from his first marriage, and Mariah and Connor, whom he adopted with his second wife, Dinah Mattingly.

2. What is known about Larry Bird’s eldest daughter, Corrie?

Corrie Bird, the eldest daughter, has kept a low profile, staying away from the public eye, and little is known about her personal life.

3. Who is Conner Bird, and what challenges has he faced?

Conner Bird is Larry Bird’s firstborn son. In 2013, he made headlines due to legal issues, highlighting the personal struggles of being a public figure’s child.

4. How many adopted children does Larry Bird have?

Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly adopted two children: Mariah, born in 1988, and Connor, born in 1993.

5. What is Mariah Bird’s approach to privacy?

Like her siblings, Mariah Bird maintains a low profile, and details about her life and endeavors are scarce.

6. How has Larry Bird’s influence shaped his children’s lives?

Larry Bird’s values of hard work, discipline, and determination have likely played a role in shaping the character of his children, influencing their personal and professional growth.


Larry Bird is a father of four, with Corrie and Conner being from his initial marriage and Mariah and Connor, whom he adopted alongside his second spouse, Dinah Mattingly.