Laptops Without Bloatware Complete Guide In 2023

Many laptops come with bloatware or unwanted software that takes up space and can slow down your computer. Some bloatware is difficult to remove and can be a real pain.

When buying a new laptop, be sure to do your research to find out which models come with a lot of bloatware. 

You can usually find this information in online reviews. If you already have a laptop that came with a lot of bloatware.

Check the specs: Many manufacturers list whether a laptop comes with bloatware or not. Read the reviews. 

Customers often mention bloatware in their reviews of laptops. Ask the salesperson. If you’re buying a laptop in a store, ask the salesperson if the model you’re interested in has bloatware.

What Is Bloatware?

What Is Bloatware?
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Bloatware is used to describe unwanted software that comes pre-installed on a new laptop. 

This software takes up valuable storage space and can slow down your laptop’s performance. 

Some examples of Bloatware include trialware, adware, and toolbars. You can usually remove Bloatware using your laptop’s uninstall program.

Laptops are excellent for portability and convenience, but one thing they’re not known for is storage space. 

That’s why many laptops come pre-loaded with what’s known as bloatware-like applications that you may never use that take up valuable room on your hard drive.

Bloatware can include anything from trial versions of antivirus software to gaming apps and everything in between. 

While some bloatware can be uninstalled to free up space, others may be more difficult to get rid of. 

In any case, it’s essential to know what Bloatware is and how it can impact your laptop’s performance.

Bloatware is a term that describes pre-installed software on a new laptop that the user may not need or want. 

This type of program can take up valuable space on the hard drive and slow down the computer’s overall performance. In some cases, Bloatware can be difficult to remove.

Why Do Laptops Come With Bloatware?

Laptops come with Bloatware because the developers want to make money. By including Bloatware on laptops, they can make money through advertisements and by selling user data.

Bloatware can take up valuable storage space on your computer and slow down your computer’s performance. 

Many people choose to uninstall Bloatware after they purchase a new computer.

1. Uninstall Bloatware Manually:

To uninstall Bloatware manually, you will need to root your Android device. Rooting gives you access to the system files, which you can edit or delete. However, rooting is a risky process and can void your warranty. You should only root your device if you are confident in your ability.

2. Use a Bloatware Remover:

Many software programs on the market claim to remove Bloatware from your computer. Our recommendation is to use a program called GitHub.This program is designed specifically to remove Bloatware from your system and does a great job at it.

Reinstall The Operating System:

Reinstall The Operating System:
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You may want to consider reinstalling the operating system. This will remove all of the Bloatware and give you a fresh start.

This will remove any bloatware that may have been installed by the manufacturer and any programs or files that you no longer need. 

Remember that you will need to back up any important files or programs before reinstalling the operating system.

This will give you a clear slate to work with, and you can add only the software you need.

If your computer is running slow and you’ve tried all the basic troubleshooting steps, you may need to reinstall your operating system. This will remove any bloatware that may be bogging down your system.

 These steps are followed to reinstall your operating system in a window laptop: 

  1. Back up any dangerous files that you don’t want to lose. 
  2. Insert your operating system CD or boot from a USB drive. 
  3. The prompts are followed to reinstall the operating system. 
  4. Restore any backed-up files. 
  5. Enjoy your newly reinstalled operating system.

Get A Laptop Without Bloatware:

When it comes to laptop devices, one of the biggest complaints is Bloatware. Bloatware is the extra, unnecessary program that comes pre-installed on your computer. 

They can take up valuable room on your hard drive and slow down your computer. 

Many laptop manufacturers include Bloatware on their computers to make a few extra dollars.

However, there are some ways to get a laptop without Bloatware. One way to get a laptop without Bloatware is to buy a used laptop. 

Used laptops often don’t come with Bloatware because the previous owner has already removed them. 

You can also check the specifications of the laptop before you buy it.

Best Laptop Without Bloatware:

There are many laptops on the market these days, and it can be hard to know which one to choose. 

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a good laptop without all the extra Bloatware.

We have found and compiled a list of the best laptops that do not come with Bloatware pre-installed. 

These laptops are from various manufacturers and offer great value for the money. 

If you are in the market for a new laptop, check out our list of the best laptops without Bloatware. 

There are a few different ways to avoid Bloatware when buying a new laptop. One is to buy a laptop with a clean Windows installation. 

This means that there is no bloatware pre-installed, and you can choose which programs you want to install. 

1. Microsoft Surface Book 2:

Microsoft Surface Book 2:
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Microsoft Surface Book 2 is the best computer for those who want to avoid Bloatware. Bloatware is unnecessary software that takes up space on your computer and can slow it down.

The Surface Book 2 comes with very little Bloatware and is a fast, lightweight computer.

2. Microsoft Surface Go:

Microsoft Surface Go is a good tablet for those who want to avoid Bloatware. Its operating system is clean and efficient and comes with very few pre-installed apps.

This makes it ideal for anyone who wants to customize their tablet experience.

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 7:

The good thing about the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is that it comes with very little Bloatware. This is good news for everyone looking for a fast and efficient computer without a lot of extra programs taking up space.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro 6:

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is the best computer for anyone who wants to avoid Bloatware. Bloatware is a type of software that is installed on a computer without the user’s permission or knowledge.

It is often unwanted and can take up valuable storage space on the computer.

How To Remove Bloatware From Mac OS?

If you’re sick of the Bloatware installed on your Mac, there’s good news- it’s easy to get rid of!

Most Macs don’t come with much Bloatware. There are a few programs that you might want to get rid of.

How To Remove Bloatware From Mac OS?
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If you’re ready to do some spring cleaning on your Mac, it’s time to get rid of the old apps you no longer use.

Most Mac users probably don’t want to clutter their computers with useless apps.

Many pre-installed apps, or “bloatware,” come standard on new Macs. At the same time, you can’t delete some of these programs.

You can get rid of the ones you don’t want. Here’s a quick method on how to clean Bloatware from your Mac OS.

Just follow these simple steps: 

  1. Open up Finder and click on software. 
  2. Research the software you want to uninstall and send it to Trash. 
  3. Empty the Trash to complete the uninstall process.
  4. Now you can enjoy your bloatware-free Mac.

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