Jeremy Jauncey || Net Worth, Bio, And Info About Marital Status

About Jeremy Jauncy

About Jeremy Jauncy

A Successful American Businessman, Blogger, Travel Photographer, and Social Activist Jeremy Jauncey was born in 1986 in Venezuela, United States of America.

He related to a Scottish father and Colombian mother both packed up and headed to Edinburgh, Scotland, where Jeremy’s younger brother Thomas was born and mainly grew up in Scotland. 

He has an American nationality and was born under the star sign Taurus. Some of the important information about his family remains a mystery while his parents are fully supportive of him likewise, he has a brother named Tom Jauncey.  

Both of them work together in the company Beautiful Destinations which is going to discuss further. He would love to take his parent’s camera and run around for practice to become a photographer. As he grew, he decided to pursue his childhood dream in a real sense. 

Tom and Jeremy have been very close to each other since their childhood growing up in New York. As a kid, he was very outgoing and loved to travel to different beautiful places. 

He has been also in fitness and sports playing rugby in school also has reports that moved to New Zealand to become an athlete. 

While talking about education he is an educated person who learned from High School in New York, from Glenalmond later enrolled in King’s College then earned a degree in BSc Business Management from this college. 

Jeremy Professional Career And What Does He Do For A Living?

At the initial stage of his life career want to be a sports specialist but unfortunately was a shortcut by many injuries so decided to move his interest towards traveling and photography.  

During his travel journey with photography interest, he also liked to start entrepreneurship and worked on the idea for the marketing company that focuses on a social media platform. 

Currently, he is an ambassador of WWF, Gold standard, and Paneri. A social and environmental activist and involved in various social and Philanthropic works.  Also, he has worked as managing director for Next Jump a company in London a co-founder of a wellness and health platform called Tictracf which is one of the world’s leading pharma and health-related platform in the world.

Besides this, he also worked on high-level ranks such as:

  • From 2011-2015 took the membership of the UK Board Member’s Entrepreneur Organization as the best business network. Around 8500 successful business personalities engage in peer learning and management practices through this platform. 
  • Promote Data-Driven businesses to bring a positive impact on society. 
  • Deal Global Entrepreneurship program of the UK Trade and Investment that is helpful for those businessmen who are at the early stage of their business by providing development and research funds to them. 
  • As a CEO of Beautiful brand promote 21-century civilization to visual content and communication. 

As A CEO Of Beautiful Destination

As A CEO Of Beautiful Destination

Finally, dreams come into reality when he started up a foundation by name Beautiful destination in 2012 with the main aim to provide travel guidelines and information about attractive and visitable places worldwide. 

This company and Jeremy provided valuable content when requested by their high-profile clients in the form of hotels and travel agencies. The Company Instagram page has about 13.3 million followers. 

This brand increased its fame well the company has well status has grown from good work of Jeremy and his brother Tom to almost having 30 full-time employees in 2021

Beautiful Destination team includes different photographers, content writers, tech advisors, marketing minds and analysts worked with some biggest brands in the world. This showcases Jauncey’s years of extensive travel and how he explored every continent in the world except one—Antarctica. 

As WWF ambassador, Jauncey is aware of the impact that humans are having on the planet, the fact that he needs to get there quick if he wants to see what the beauty of Antarctica has to offer to all. 

This Travel blogger has gained fame across social media platforms too. As an active Instagram user and posts on daily basis about his travel and life while having a staggering 1 million followers on his Insta account, also well known for the difficult work behind such an immense fan following solid base. 

Jeremy Jauncey Net Worth

After reading about his bio and career are you want to know what is Jeremy Jauncey’s net worth? He has devoted a part of his wealth to fulfilling the social needs of poor people. 

It’s common that, wages and assets change over time. Within the below lines we have liked to add some net money information.  

He is a well-skilled person earning much from his talent, the estimated net worth is about 1.25 Million Dollars from blogging and business. Although he has many sources of wealth as earns $100K-$200K from the photography business while his other hobbies like blogging, traveling advertisement, and exercising give him a lot of money. 

He has not shown off his exact annual salary while this figure is much harder to estimate because of many sources of income. 

Jeremy Jauncey Marital Status

Currently, he is not married but a Turkish social media fitness and travel-based star Natalia Lalondeis his ex-wife after that in strong friendship with Pia Wurtzbuch. Their photography featured on the cover page of a modern magazine. 

According to his marriage life reports he is single now. Pia as his friend awarded the 2015 Miss Universe award she is a campaigner for LGBT rights, a UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador, a TV personality, and also a co-owner of a milk tea shop called Bes Tea. She is attractive, a businesswoman, and always dressed well. 

Pia has a family living in London. While Jeremy has lived in the city for 10 years before moving to New York for starting his professional life

They met first time in London then on many events such as met at parties and events they’d both attended together. Before coming to know in front of their fans they met long-term and long-planning meetings in London, Hong Kong, the US, and Indonesia.  

They posted several vacation stories on Instagram. Fans take an interest to know about their life so they decided to make an official announcement about their engagement and wedding soon

In many of his interviews, he showed that all his traveling efforts and other life hard work not only associated with him he liked to help others with his earning as an active social media and social worker to grow the world towards positivity.