IOS App Development To Dominate Mobile Consumer Market

For those in the custom mobile app development services space, keeping up to date with new innovations, technology, and ideas is key to understanding the overall mobile app market and its dynamics. Mobile applications have become an integral part of every day since the late 90s when the first mobile apps were introduced to the public.

Since then, custom mobile app development has become a massive industry, with the North American mobile application market projected to grow at 13.4% from 2022 to 2030, according to data from Grand View Research. Mobile applications see millions of downloads a day, with many of those occurring on iPhones.

This means that there is an ever-growing need for developers who can work on custom iPhone app development projects for all manner of industries. From small businesses and restaurants to large organizations and companies, iOS mobile applications can be an extremely valuable tool.

Below, we take a closer look at how iOS app development is coming to dominate the mobile consumer market.

How iOS App Development Will Dominate the Mobile Consumer Market

The Apple App Store has nearly 2 million mobile applications, as of early 2023. The Apple App Store is currently the second largest app store with applications for iOS,second only to Google’s application store.

iOS applications have remained popular among users since the App Store opened in 2008, seeing eight billion downloads in 2022 alone. So, what exactly is it about iOS mobile application development that will see iOS pushing past Android in the future?

iOS Applications Remain Popular

iOS applications remain popular year after year with iPhone users downloading and using them regularly. iOS applications range greatly in what they offer users, from entertainment apps like YouTube and TikTok all the way to shopping apps like Amazon, Depop, and the Walmart Mobile App.

iOS apps offer businesses a great way to engage with their customers, no matter the industry they are in, and they have intuitive features built in that keep engagement consistent.

For example, consider an iOS application that is built for a local restaurant chain in Florida. The application may include the restaurant’s menu, its different locations, and special offers for users of the app. An application like this can include specific GPS features that will adjust offers based on the user’s location as well.

Alongside the general popularity of iOS apps, we can also keep in mind that Apple remains an important player in worldwide markets. Those offering custom iPhone app development services can expect the trust that has come to be associated with Apple and iOS applications to help guarantee high-quality results for the applications they are creating.

Higher Application Revenue

iOS applications have been leading in revenue generation in the mobile consumer market for some time. In 2021 alone, Apple developers saw a 24% growth in their total billings and sales in the App Store. That puts their total at $624 billion, which shows us that developers of all sizes are able to make great use of the global reach that comes with iOS app development.

Higher revenue potential can be an important factor when we look at the overall mobile consumer market and where iOS app development stands. Statista projects that consumers will spend $161 billion dollars on mobile applications in the Apple App Store in 2026, which would be an overall increase from 2022 of $69 billion dollars.

Consider the fact that iOS applications usually cost less to develop than Android applications do, andwe can see that iOS applications have the potential to bring in more return on investment than other kinds of mobile applications.

Innovative Security Features

Apple devices are well-known for their security features. Those innovative security features also extend to iOS mobile apps, both from Apple itself and from developers.

According to Apple’s site, they provide layers of protection to “help ensure that apps are free of known malware and haven’t been tampered with.” Additional protections for iOS applications help to protect applications and user data alike, providing a stable platform for users to access their applications and information.

In a 2023 security comparison from NordVPN, they found the iOS platform to be the winning operating system. With excellent app marketplace security, frequent security updates across their systems, and as an overall smaller target for malware attacks, iOS came out ahead as the more secure option. For developers in custom iPhone app development, this means that they are working with a secure platform and creating apps for a platform that has security in mind.

iOS app development is making big strides in the mobile consumer market and it is steadily becoming a dominant force, both for users and developers who provide custom mobile app development and responsive web design company.