Industries That Should Consider Paper Tubes in Their Products or Production

Paper tubes are versatile products used in many industries. An industrial paper tube can hold chips or rolls of packaging paper, dispense paper towels, and carry concrete. Also known as cardboard tubes or paper cores, these ubiquitous products are popular in the shipping and packing industries. 

Paper tubes are utilized in food processing, automotive manufacturing, textile, construction, material handling, healthcare, horticulture, and more. Here’s an overview of industries and businesses that should consider paper tubes in their products or production:

1. Machine Shops

Pipe fitting manufacturers, machine shops, and industrial equipment suppliers can use paper tubes to store and ship different tools. The protection tubes come in custom specifications to fit over delicate parts, threads, cylinders, and other expensive items. 

Paper tubes can help keep the machines in top condition, preventing contact and providing spacing or separation for parts shipped together. You can find grease-proof and corrosion-resistant options.

2. Architectural Firms

Paper tubes can be used to store blueprints and keep them in pristine condition. Leading architectural firms ship their blueprints and other important documents using paper tubes made with the finest grade of recycled paperboard.

One good thing about an industrial paper tube is the level of customization you can achieve. You can add colors, branding, and dozens of other custom details.

3. Textile Industry

Paper tubes have many uses in the textile industry, including as cloth and floor coverings. You can find spiral and convoluted paper tubes that offer superior strength for wrapping clothes and fabrics.

Paper tubes are ideal for storing and shipping large rolls of cloth materials and floor covering. They can also be used to make yarn spools and reels. You can add custom elements to advertise your brand.

4. Print & Label Shops

Businesses that print banners, wide-format prints, and labels can use paper tubes to keep their products clean and safe. Paper tubes are perfect for storing print work, tapes and labels, and mail. You can choose from various sizes and thicknesses, depending on the application.

5. Graphic Design Agencies

Drawing and drafting tubes are indispensable to graphic design, advertising, marketing, and creative agencies. You can find a diverse selection of paper tubes, including mailing tubes, light-duty handout tubes, and snap-seal tubes.

Graphic designers can also customize their tubes and cores to showcase branding and design talent.

6. Packaging and Shipping Companies

Paper tubes used for packaging offer an opportunity to include unique custom elements. You can use in-line printing, which is an inexpensive way to create special packaging.

The technique lets you add a company logo or branding to the paper cores. You can feature several colors and art and add dates, stripes, and identification markings.

7. Art Galleries

Galleries rely on heavy-duty milling and storage tubes to keep vulnerable prints safe. Paper cores can be used to store and ship all kinds of artwork printed on paper and other rollable canvas.

Heavy-duty kraft tubes, adjustable shipping tubes, and snap-seal tubes are among the best options for storing artwork.

8. Retail Outlets

The retail industry has many uses for paper tubes, including storage and shipping. Whether you’re a small business or a national chain, retail display tubes allow you to showcase your brand and draw in more customers through customized packaging.

You can find unlimited customization and branding options or leverage colors and in-line printing.

Quality Industrial Paper Tube

Businesses can find many ways to leverage the potential benefits of industrial paper cores. The tubes are used in converter cores, paper straws, yard carriers, film cores, tape label carriers, and metal, foil, and strapping cores.

All you need is a reliable industrial paper tube manufacturer that can produce high-quality cores for your application.