3 Min Is The Average Human Attention Span – How To Make A 3 Min Catchy Promotional Video?

The average attention span for humans is around 3 minutes. So while deciding to do a few video campaigns for your next big client, you must keep this random fact in mind. 

Creating relevant content is all about catering to the audience’s psychology – give your target audience the kind of content they want to consume. 

So how can you make a promotional video of three to five minutes to entertain your target audience? 

Keep reading to find out! 

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What Are Promotional Videos? 

Before finding out about making promotional videos, let’s find out what are these promotional videos – you make them for promotional purposes, but what are these in the first place? So let’s find out…shall we?

Promoting your business, or rather spreading the word around about your brand is crucial for both brand growth and Return On Investment. However, regardless of the company’s bottom line, your ideal audience needs to know a simple fact – your business exists.

This is exactly where a promotional video arrives to save the day — to tell your brand story visually in ways that are relatable and engaging. Promotional videos are an effective method of communicating with your potential clients!

Purpose Of Promotional Videos

The chief purpose of promotional videos is to promote products or services, launch some kind of an offer, or announce a holiday sale – these inspire viewers to first engage and then take action. Therefore, these types of videos are easily the most crucial type of content in which you must consider investing.

We have got two reasons for you!

  1. Drives More Conversions.
  2. Generates Brand Awareness.

Drives More Conversions:

Promotional videos boost the rate of conversions while increasing your business sales. Your promo videos can display to viewers how your service or product can solve basic problems, why it is the best option for them, how it can improve their life, how much it will cost them, and how they can purchase the same.

Will it actually work? 

You bet! 

Inspire your ideal target customers with a story that’s creatively crafted and meaningful – they will soon start looking for your brand online or even locally to purchase from you.

Generates Brand Awareness:

Apart from boosting conversions, promotional videos can be a great option for increasing your brand awareness. Even if your audience doesn’t end up buying your product or services after watching your promotional video, they will at least remember your brand.

This is true when the video happens to be memorable and tells a tale that is relatable to your audience. However, sometimes, it can take time before you can actually convert a viewer into a paying customer.

How To Make A 3-Min Catchy Promotional Video?

So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive straight into the world of promotional video-making and find out how you can make a three-min catchy promotional video without any hassle! 

Follow the steps mentioned below and find out how you can make a 3-min catchy promotional video in simple steps.

  1. Do A Thorough Research And Plan Accordingly: 

While making videos of any kind, it’s very important to determine your goals and make a plan accordingly. While setting your goals, make sure that your team has done thorough research on the content – inspirations are fun but copy-pasting is not, so keep that in mind!

  1. Write Your Video Script And Storyboard: 

You can’t make a video without writing down the script. While writing down the script, make sure your goals are determined, and you are covering all the requirements. Once you are done with the script, start drafting your storyboard – your storyboard will cover all the primary points of the script. 

  1. Produce and Edit The Video:

Once your script and storyboard are ready, your next work is to actually shoot, edit, and eventually produce the video. While shooting the video, make sure you are sticking to the script and the storyboard. If you are able to shoot additional footage, keep it – you will need it while editing. 

Please Note: Once the video editing is done, you can do a final review of the same before downloading and sharing the video with others. 

And It’s A Visual Wrap!

Now that you have a fair idea of how to produce a catchy video of 3 minutes, you can give vision to those ideas without wasting any more time.

In the meantime, let us know about your thoughts and experiences of making promotional videos in the comments below – if you are making one, you might as well tell us!