How To Keep Showing Your Microsoft Teams Status Active

To ensure Microsoft Teams remains active, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the User Presence options. They are predetermined statuses indicating your current activity to other team members. Additionally, Microsoft’s AI assistant, Cortana, utilizes this information to better assist you with other tasks.

Cortana can also set your User Presence status automatically based on your actions. These actions include scheduling a meeting in Outlook, which would trigger the In a Meeting status. These convenient features can also be a real boon for those who rely on them.

Display Your User Presence as Available

To begin, the initial step is to ensure your User Presence is set to Available. 

Locate and click on your Profile picture, located in the top right-hand corner of the Teams screen.

Click on your current User Presence status.

From the drop-down menu, select the Available status.

How to Use Power Settings to Display Yourself as Available?

Microsoft doesn’t offer direct access to adjust Teams status settings. So, you’ll need to utilize alternative methods. But one simple workaround is to modify your computer’s power settings to prevent it from entering sleep mode. However, it’s important to remember to revert this setting once you’re done using Teams for the day. 

For Windows users, press the Windows + I keys or use the Windows search bar to search for “settings” and select System. But Mac users should go to System Preferences > Battery.

2. Navigate to Power and Battery> Screen and Sleep. From there, you can adjust the time intervals for when your computer enters sleep mode while plugged in and on battery power.

You may choose to disable the sleep setting entirely to prevent Teams from automatically setting you to Away, or you can extend the time interval before it engages. Mac users can also select Power Adapter and adjust the Turn display off after the slider. But For MacBook users, select Battery and make the same adjustment.

Use Caffeine App on Windows to Set Your Microsoft Teams Status Active

Windows users also have the option of utilizing a useful app called Caffeine to maintain their computer’s activity and keep their Teams status active. Caffeine functions by simulating a keystroke every minute, tricking the system into believing that the user is still actively using the keyboard, thereby preventing the computer from entering sleep mode.

One of the best features of Caffeine is its unobtrusive nature, as it resides in the bottom-right corner of the screen. You can also enable or disable it depending on your preference.

To install and utilize the Caffeine app on your Windows device, follow these steps:

Visit the official website to download the Caffeine app.

Navigate to your downloads folder and extract the downloaded program.

Double-click the extracted file to launch Caffeine and initiate the installation process using the on-screen instructions.

After installation, Caffeine will be accessible in the bottom-right corner of your toolbar. Hover your mouse over the icon, and a pop-up will appear, enabling you to set the duration for which Caffeine should remain active.

Use Amphetamine for Mac

If you are using a Mac device, you can utilize a convenient toolbar app called Amphetamine to prevent your system from entering sleep mode, thereby maintaining your Microsoft Teams status. To install and utilize Amphetamine, follow these steps:

Open the Mac App Store.

Search for “Amphetamine” in the search bar.

Click the “Get” option for initiating the installation process. 

Once installed, open Launchpad and select the Amphetamine app, which will appear in the top toolbar.

Click on the app’s toolbar icon, and a drop-down menu will appear. Select the desired duration for which you want to keep your Mac awake.

Although Microsoft does not provide any direct methods to maintain your Teams status, there are a few workarounds that you can employ. By adjusting your computer’s settings to prevent it from going into sleep mode, or by installing third-party applications like Caffeine or Amphetamine, you can keep your Teams status active with ease.

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