How Rehab Centers Utilize the 12 Steps for Substance Use Disorder?

The 12-step program provides guidelines to help individuals overcome addiction. This program allows those struggling with addiction to feel the acceptance and support of a loving community and acquire new coping skills to transition into sobriety.

If you’re suffering from addiction, an Orlando rehab center can help you overcome triggers and begin your recovery journey. Here’s how rehab centers utilize the 12 steps for substance use disorder:

Create a Plan, Routine, and Structure

Maintaining sobriety requires a plan, and the 12-step program offers a structured plan. The program begins by encouraging individuals to admit their powerlessness over substance use disorder. The 12 steps also encourage them to make amends with friends or loved ones who’ve been affected by their addiction.

Utilizing a 12-step program offers individuals in recovery a routine and structure they may not have had while living in the chaos and confusion of addiction. For many people in recovery, unstructured time can lead to restlessness, anxiety, boredom, and cravings for the addictive substance.

These meetings help to reduce these feelings and prevent a relapse. An Orlando rehab center can also offer counseling and the assistance of a sponsor to help individuals through all 12 steps.

Build a Strong Sense of Accountability and Support

The 12 steps highlight the importance of having a support system during recovery. Rehab centers pair individuals with a sponsor for guidance through recovery and emotional support when needed. These programs also encourage educational and group therapy sessions.

During these sessions, members and mentors share their experiences in an environment of acceptance. These steps promote self-discipline and accountability, reducing the likelihood of a relapse, which is the primary goal of these programs. 

Encourage Individuals to Focus on Long-term Sobriety

Staying sober can be difficult, so rehab centers offer 12-step programs to help individuals change their habits and achieve long-term sobriety. In 12-step meetings, the group could hear a message from someone who has achieved many years of sobriety.

These individuals achieve their sobriety by accident, and they can help encourage those in recovery by explaining how they worked through the program. Talking to someone who has years of sobriety can inspire individuals to attain their long-term sobriety goals.

The support offered in these meetings can give members a sense of safety and security while easing feelings of loneliness and reducing stress.

Emphasize the Importance of a Higher Power

The 12 steps encourage individuals to develop the desire to help others and experience humility as they work toward a spiritual awakening. These programs are typically centered around believing in a higher power or God.

A higher power can be anything an individual puts their trust and faith in outside of themselves. The program focuses on helping those in recovery heal from their former experiences and get onto a guided, inspired path.

Spiritual support when addressing substance use disorder may encourage people to create a connection with a higher power. This may help them cultivate acceptance and hope during their recovery journey.

Get Help for Substance Use Disorder at an Orlando Rehab Center

Choose an Orlando rehab center that offers a 12-step program to help people on their path to sobriety. These steps provide a structured guide for spiritual development, self-reflection, and personal growth.

The program creates a supportive and safe environment for those in recovery. This encourages them to walk through the steps and connect with others to facilitate long-term recovery and personal growth. Contact a rehab center near you today to learn more about how they use the 12 steps to treat substance use disorder.