How Is Animation Revolutionizing The Modern Society

In the past 5 years, the issues on planet Earth has massively increased. From mental health destruction to the breakout of coronaviruses, we all are trapped.

But nowadays, people are becoming more aware of the issues and happenings as the conversation about these topics and problems is being held all over the globe.

Everyone is trying their level best to contribute to society and play their role, and so does animators.

Thanks to Disney, Pixar, Illumination, and other animation companies, real-life issues such as climate change, mental health, disoriented families, loss, and disabilities are being shown in their movies.

They use lovable and approachable characters to shed light on the hard-hitting issues of life. Exposing the audience to such unique plotlines and characters has lessened the communication gap between the adults and children who were unable to discuss taboo subjects previously and also spread awareness.

 Today in this article, we’ll be listing down some of the animated videos and movies that have shed light on worldly issues in an engaging and captivating way.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at them.


I wanted to start this list with a high-budget animated film that has beautifully addressed serious issues like the disadvantages of excessive screen time and waste pollution.

Wall -E was released back in 2008. Wall-E, short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class, is the protagonist of the storyline. He is the last robot who is unfortunately left on planet Earth.

The plot is set in the distant future, where humans abandoned their home (Earth) because of the excessive amount of trash dumped on it.

Wall-E stays alone on Earth and cleans all the trash one by one. He is habitual in picking things that he finds interesting, and by the end, he collects a lot of things, including an iPod, lighters, and a small empty ring box.

This masterpiece has so many messages hidden in it. First of all, it shows the feelings like loneliness and love. It also gives humans a warning that the dependence level we have on technology can become life-threatening in the future. And if we keep polluting our homes, then we might end up like humans in Wall-E.

Tokri (The Basket)

Life in cities like New York or Mumbai is very busy. People don’t have enough time to stop and think about life and what’s happening around them. They never think about the people who are living a miserable life and working hard to make ends meet.

Tokri is an award-winning stop-motion animation video that sheds light on the life of a little girl who tries to sell handmade baskets on the busy streets of Mumbai, India.

There are many stop-motion, Claymation, and 2D animation production services providers in Mumbai, but Studio Eekasarurs is the one that creates masterpieces like this one.

The story starts with a clumsy accident that leads the young girl in the video to step out of the house on the streets of Mumbai to make things right. The story also portrays the loving relationship between a father and daughter.

The message in the video is the unconditional love a father has for his daughter no matter what mistake she makes and how difficult it is to survive in the cities like Mumbai.

Turning Red

This newly released movie produced by Disney Pixar has broken all the traditional norms and has shed light on topics like the menstrual cycle and the communication gap between mothers and daughters.

The movie starts with a young girl Meilin Lee who is overwhelmed by the changes in her emotions and body and is soon to be hit by puberty. On the other hand, we see her overly perfect mother who wants her daughter to stay prim and proper all the time while the daughter has different dreams.  

When the girl goes emotionally uncontrollable, she turns into a giant Red Panda. The Panda stands as a metaphor for puberty.

The movie is all about the big changes that come into a life of a young girl and how she and her mother react to them.

This masterpiece portrays a timely message about embracing the changes, the complexity in the relationship of a mother and daughter, and how to control emotions.

The Present

The Present is a short-animated video that has bagged 50 awards to date. It has been screened at over 170+ film festivals across the globe.

The video starts with a young boy playing a video game in his dark and dull living room. When suddenly, his mother enters the room with a big box, but the boy doesn’t seem to be interested in it.

Upon his mother’s request, he opens the box and finds a young, energetic puppy in it. The boy seems to be a little excited when he sees the puppy, but his excitement turns into anger when she sees that the puppy is limped.

He throws him away, but still, the puppy seems to be energetic and happy. He tries to play with the boy when the boy sees him so joyful even though he is disabled; he gathers up the courage and stands up.

Now, the story takes a new turn, as when the boy stands up, he grabs a walking stick as he is also disabled.

This is such a beautiful video with a hidden message that no matter what disability you have, you should be happy and try to look at the positive side of life instead of giving up on life.


Up is one of the most heart-warming animated videos I have seen to date. It starts with a beautiful love story of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Redriksen but takes a drastic turn when Mrs. Carl (Ellie) passes away.

The story sheds light on his grieving process and how he overcame his loss and started living his life again. Despite being wordless, this mini-masterpiece of Pixar won the hearts of people.

When Carl meets an optimistic boy, Russell, who gets into trouble, and in order to save him, he says goodbye to the memories of Ellie and his house.

How is Animation Impacting the Life of People?

In recent years, we have witnessed that animation films often have a hidden message in them, whether it is ‘how powers can cause disaster’ in Frozen or ‘be careful when making a wish’ in Brave.

All the video animation production companies and studios are now using relatable, captivating, and visually striking characters to connect with the audience on a deeper level.

It is believed that animation has the power to shape society and young minds in a much better way. And those young minds will grow and might start influencing societies across the globe.

All in all, animation is capable of changing the world itself.