Complete Guide About Flight Reacts – Net Worth, Bio, And Career Journey

The American Rock star Flight Reacts is a professional rapper and an icon of the USA music industry. Flight Reacts height is about 5 feet 11 inches as the most heightened person of industry. Most of the fame he gets from his famous rock songs albums which we describe further in the article.

Flight Early Life And Education


Flight Reacts is an American YouTube and a famous gamer. He got his hit fame base from his two channels named “Flight” and the other one “Flight reacts” at his name.

The flight was born in Washington, DC in the year 1995 then he moved to West Palm Beach in Florida in his childhood days. Here he spent many years and time of his career. Flight is famous for his bright personality one of them being his height.

Flight is well-known for his entertaining sketches, sense of humor, and a well attractive personality over the internet. Do you know what is Flight React’s real name? Kimani Tariq is Flight reacts real name he in industry people call him by his nickname.

Flight Personal Life

He is single did not marry anyone even from the industry. While according to many news was about Arel Diaz showed with him in many you tubes videos.

The Career Of Flight Reacts

The social media personality Flight Reacts got fame after releasing NBA 2k13 footage on his channel. 

Earlier stage of his life he has well interested in playing basketball. So, most of his videos have content to showcase his interest. Along with this video title, he also shows a second moniker by his other nickname as Not Your Average Flight viral on the internet.

Flight Reacts started his Career in the fast-food business before joining youtube. Then, he decided to start broadcasting videos from his basketball interest to release his rage and sadness of life. From these playing practices and uploading videos, his career started to run up and became popular from these videos.

This helped him to gain a lot of fame with well-earning and made him a social media star. As you tuber run two YouTube accounts, named as FlightReacts, and NotYourAverageFlight. Here he uploaded videos with basketball and all reactions, responses, and other stuff. 

Due to millions of followers on social sites, he is a favorite for many companies for their sponsorship. The flight reacts also support medium-class business. Flight uploaded his first video on the first channel by name “Austin Rivers explosives” on June 8, 2013. Then started to upload videos related to NBA games overtime on his official channel.

Flight Reacts YouTube Popularity


These videos showed Flight recast as a perfect basket ballplayer. Hence, his videos started to get millions of views and brought a lot of subscribers to his channel. The subscription counted to about 660K within a few years at present his channel has millions of views and sharing too.

The two most famous videos of his channel are IRL Basketball Workout and also My Most critical Shooting Day Ever’. He uploaded different content with gaming videos this includes his personal stories of life, funny content, and much more. His channel ‘FLIGHT Reacts’ is on youtube since September 20, 2015, as his second channel. 

The material of this channel is about the daily social activities of society that he judges. Meanwhile, Flight reacts with his partners and friends has uploaded many challenges and vlogs. While discussing his fame he got 2.3 million subscribers on this channel and about 392 million views as a rough estimation.

To start Flight Reacts music career creates music from his own YouTube account. Flight’s favorite track is by far Disingenuous, having about 1.8 million views not only on youtube. On SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music became the lost listening singer.

When he was struggling to get fame from the youtube channel, he had planned to change all about his career track. So, at that time always thought of as a Barber.

Flight has a huge collection of many teams’ jerseys like basketball, baseball, hockey, and of course, football too. You may not know about his other nickname is Dutt Reacts now it is not in his use. The favorite game of Flight Reacts is Basketball while the team is Chicago Bulls which is also known as Golden State Warriors.

Flight Reacts As A Singer

Flight is also a very professional singer. You know aside from their Youtube career he has a very good voice.

His SoundCloud has a potential of 13K+ followers. His famous singles are:

  • Cold-blooded
  • Off me
  • Feelings
  • Good good
  • Broken Boi Boi
  • Heat Cheque
  • My Respect
  • Alf The Team Hit

While on Spotify he has round about 530K listeners who listen to his singles per month.

Flight Reacts Net Worth


As of 2020 reports Flight Reacs estimated net worth is about $700,000 made from youtube and music career. Many other reports showed that his main source of income is from his two YouTube channels. 

Flight Reacts with 4.7 million subscribers and NotYourAverageFlight with 3.8 million subscribers. This gave him about 8.5 million from both channels. As of 2021, Flight Reacts’ net worth is about $4 million but as a rough estimate.

Flight Earning From Twitch

Flight Twitch account has about 1.7 million followers and about 11.5 million views. This figure gave him a lot.

A Twitch account holder earns about 50% of the subscription fees from live streaming. These are different amounts as available in increments of $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99 for one month. While for Flight Reacts he has made well revenue by keeping over 2400 subscribers.

From the above figures, he makes around ($5 x 2400 x 50%) $6000 in a month for example $72,000 per year from twitch streaming. The main source of Flight Reacts income is brand sponsorships. As estimated in the year 2021, the worth of Flight Reacts falls between 500000 USD and 650000 USD. He has also kept Mercedes in his status.

On a final note, Flight has a very developed personality, knows how to handle different situations. As you read in his career journey not only this his sense of humor makes him a successful person.

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