FindPeopleFaster Review: 100% Free Reverse People Search Service

It is common to want to search for someone online to find out more about them. The curiosity may be fuelled by the need to verify their identity before doing a transaction online, get reparations for a wrong done, or reconnect with a person that you were friends with in the past and lost touch with. 

For most people, their search ends before it starts if they don’t know the name of the person they want to look up to or can’t recall it because it has been too long without talking.

Here, knowing how to do a reverse people search is handy and could help you find someone online quickly. 

In this review, we will introduce reverse people search, detail how it can help you, and go deep into one of the most reliable 100% free reverse people search services online today. Read on.

FindPeopleFaster: No.1 Free Reverse People Search Service:

FindPeopleFaster is the NO.1 free reverse people search tool that sought to solve the problem of people searching for their loved ones, reconnecting with old friends, and researching addresses they would like to move into.

The focus was on creating a powerful search website that delivers accurate results and can retrieve information on all US citizens, even with the scantiest bits of data fed into its query boxes. 

In the few years this website has existed online, it has set itself apart from other similar platforms in several ways.

The first is that the website is free to use. Most people search websites, especially those that do reverse people searches, require people to pay a fee to use their service. 

Unauthorized data collection is another reason many people have had a bad experience with people search platforms.

The requirement that you must sign up, provide your address, and in certain extremes, even share your credit card details has forced many people to accept their fate that they will never be able to reconnect with loved ones unless they surrender their data. 

FindPeopleFaster is focused on helping people reconnect with loved ones and be able to do due diligence on online merchants conveniently.

As such, you can use the platform without registering, leave and come back at your own volition without needing to share your data with them or fear that it is being collected and stored without your consent. 

Not only does FindPeopleFaster not collect your data, but it also ensures that no one else does. This extra caution is possible through a secure connection whenever you reverse search someone on the platform. The site also has SSL certificates and 128-bit encryption to protect users further. 

How To Do a Free Reverse People Search:

We’ve learned why FindPeopleFaster is the leading free reverse people search service in the US today. Now to the elephant in the room, how do I run a free reverse people search on FindPeopleFaster?

So long as you know how to search for something online and can type or copy and paste, that’s all you need to do a free reverse search on this platform.

It is made easy so that even the least tech-savvy of us can find information on the person we are looking for with any bit of information we have on them. 

To run a free reverse people search, follow these steps; 

1. Decide The Type Of Search: 

You can reverse search someone on FindPeopleFaster using three methods: phone lookup, address lookup, or email lookup. Depending on which information you have that you would like to expand your search based on, click the appropriate option from the top of the home page. 

2. Key In Your Search Query:

For example, If you have the phone number, copy and paste this or type it into the search bar below this page once selected. Check to confirm its input correctly to help improve the accuracy of the results. 

3. Run Search And Wait A Few Minutes: 

Click on the purple search button to the right of the search field and wait a few minutes as FindPeopleFaster probes the public records, criminal records, and social media profiles connected to the person you are searching for.  

Once complete, it will render a list of matching results for you to scrutinize further and select the one that closely relates to the person you are looking for. Click on it and it will reveal more details for you to act upon as you wish.

Do’s and Don’ts of Using FindPeopleFaster:

To get the most out of this fantastic free reverse people search service, it is highly recommended to use it appropriately and only for the intended purposes.

The section below lists do’s and don’ts that will guide you while using FindPeopleFaster. 


  1. Connect with family – FindPeopleFaster makes reconnecting an estranged family easy and possible so you can strengthen your familial bonds again. 
  2. Research roommate – Getting a new roommate at college can be a frightening experience, but with this free service, you can learn more about them and kick it off on a good note. 
  3. Probe an online date – Finding love online is possible, but with it also the need to be vigilant. Using FindPeopleFaster is recommended to know more about a potential date before meeting in person. 
  4. Finding lost love – A free reverse people search can help you find and rekindle a relationship with an old flame if you still have their email or physical address. 
  5. Authenticate online merchants – As e-commerce grows, so does fraud too, but FindPeopleFaster can help you verify the identity of a merchant and know whether to transact with them. 
  6. Know more about your neighbors – Whether you are planning to move to a new place or someone just moved close by, a reverse search of their address can help you uncover any concerning details about them available to the public. 
  7. Research public records – You can also use FindPeopleFaster to aggregate public records in one place, thus reducing the time it takes to search multiple databases. This service is also ideal for knowing what information about you is in the public domain. 


  1. Screening new tenants – If you own or manage a property, you cannot use FindPeopleFaster to screen new tenants before leasing them. 
  2. Verifying academic achievements – Whether considering someone for a scholarship or educational aid, you are not permitted to use FindPeopleFaster to verify someone’s educational qualifications. 
  3. Checking someone’s credit history – FindPeopleFaster is not a platform that can be used to gauge someone’s ability to repay a loan before or after it’s been advanced to them. 
  4. Stealing a person’s identity – Using FindPeopleFaster to perpetrate identity theft is an offense that could get you banned from the platform. 
  5. Screening employees – Since FindPeopleFaster adheres to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), employers cannot use it to determine a candidate’s eligibility for employment.
  6. Spying on people – Stalking someone by searching them on FindPeopleFaster and monitoring their activities is a strongly condemned act. 

How To Make Your Search High-Quality on FindPeopleFaster:

Although FindPeopleFaster has some of the technologically-advanced web crawlers on the internet, it helps to improve the quality of your searches if you can follow these guidelines; 

i) Key accurate information

ii) Avoid misspellings when typing out addresses

iii) Share as much info as possible

iv) Try multiple reverse search tools on FindPeopleFaster

v) Allow the website to complete a search before canceling


1. How Long Do Searches Take On FindPeopleFaster?

FindPeopleFaster will return results on any reverse search you make within a few minutes, depending on how many matching profiles are available.

2. Is FindPeopleFaster Truly Free?

FindPeopleFaster is 100% free and does not charge a cent to do any reverse people search on the platform. The website does not even request your credit card information to use. 

3. Why Should I Do a Reverse People Search?

A reverse people search is an excellent option for looking up someone, their whereabouts, or authenticating their identity even if you do not know their name. All you need is their phone number, email address, or physical address. 

4. Will FindPeopleFaster Help Me Find My Relatives?

FindPeopleFaster can help you find estranged family members by searching the old address where they lived, a phone number, or an email address you used to communicate with in the past. 


Your search for someone, be it a lover, old friend, lost relative or online merchant, does not need to stop because you don’t have all the information on them.

A reverse people search is an excellent way to find out more about them with just their phone number, email address, or street address.

Use FindPeopleFaster to reverse search anyone in the US for free on your mobile phone or desktop device in just a few minutes. Adhering to the platform’s terms and conditions will ensure the best user experience.