A Complete Guide To E-Shram Cards

The Indian government introduced the e-Shram Yojana to offer social security to workers in the informal economy.

The government also made the e-Shram platform accessible to employees in unorganized industries.

The e-Shram Portal’s objective is to create a database of disorganized workers so they may benefit from several government programmes. Anyone in an unorganized industry should apply for a Shramik card or an e-Shram card.

Workers in unorganized industries and labourers can get several benefits through the e-Shram Card, including

  1. A pension after 60 years
  2. Death insurance
  3. Financial assistance in the event of disability, etc.

The e-Shram Card’s purpose is to give an informal process utilized to all new government programmes via the e-Shram Portal.

What Is E Shram Card?

 Aadhaar data is introduced into the e-Shram Portal, designed to develop a nationwide record of disorganized employees.

What Is E Shram Card?
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The information includes specifics like

  1. Name
  2. Occupation
  3. Residence
  4. Educational background
  5. Skill set
  6. Family information, among other things.

The Goals Of E-Shram

The main goal is to compile a comprehensive database of all construction workers, migrant workers, gig and platform workers, street vendors, domestic workers, agricultural workers, etc. This will make it easier to provide social security services to them and share their information with different stakeholders to deliver welfare programmes.

E-Shram Card Features

Scheme nameE-Shram Card
Introduced byMinistry of Labor and Employment
Start dateAugust 2021
RecipientsUnorganized sector workers
Pension benefitsRs.3,000 per month
Insurance advantagesDeath insurance of Rs.2 lakh Rs.1 lakh for partial check
Age limits16-69 years
Formal websitehttps://eshram.gov.in/
Helpline number14434

How The E-SHRAM Card Functions

It is a data record with Aadhaar as its seed. It will apply to the distribution of social security benefits under the policies of the Central and State Ministries.

Social security and welfare payments for temporary and construction workers will also follow them to their new jobs.

How To Apply For An Online E-Shram Card

E Shram Card Registration Guidelines 2022

  1.  Visit the official website at www.eshram.gov.in.
  2.  Access the homepage’s registration option.
  3.  Type the contact information connected to the Aadhar Card.
  4.  The captcha code must enter.
  5.  Mark the option for EPFO and ESIC as NO.
  6.  Click the Send OTP option.
  7.  Complete the OTP.

Benefits Of The E-Shram Card

Benefits of the e-Shram Card include a monthly annuity of Rs. 3,000 at age 60.

  1. Rs. 1 lakh in life insurance.
  2. The spouse will receive full advantages if a user (a worker in an informal sector with an e-Shram card) passes away tragically.
  3. A 12-digit UAN number will be provided to each beneficiary, valid throughout India.

Documents Needed For E-Shram Cards And Requirements

  1. Any employee in the unregistered industry or an unorganized labourer.
  2. Employees should be between the ages of 16 and 59.
  3. The Aadhaar card must link to a valid telephone number for employees.

Process Of Applying For An E-Shram Card

Applications for the e-Shram Card can be submitted via the e-Shram Portal or the CSC (Common Service Center).

Process Of Applying For An E-Shram Card
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Qualified individuals can apply for the e-Shram Card by going to the nearby CSC centre.

By inputting the state and district for the e-Shram card application, they can use the e-Shram Portal to find the closest CSC centre.

The steps for submitting an online application to get an e-Shram card are as follows:

  1. Check out the e-Shram website (Self-registration page).
  2. Type in the verification code and the Aadhaar-linked mobile number, then click the “Send OTP” button.
  3. A mobile number will receive an OTP. After entering the OTP, press the “Validate” button.
  4. Verify the personal information that pops up on the screen.
  5. Give the required details, like your home address and educational history.
  6. Choose the name of the skill, the industry, and the job category.
  7. Select the self-declaration option and enter your bank information.
  8. Double-check the data you provided by choosing “Preview,” then press the “Submit” button.
  9. A cellphone number will get an OTP.

After entering the OTP, press the “Verify” button.

  1.  The screen displays the created e-Shram card.
  2.  You can download the e-Shram Card by selecting the download option.

Aadhaar Card Documentation Is Needed For The E-Shram Card.

  1. Aadhaar card and mobile number are connected.
  2. Money in a bank.

Downloading A Card

To download the e-Shram Card after submitting an application, complete the steps listed below:

  1. Go to the e-Shram website.
  2. Select the ‘Update/download UAN card’ option under the ‘Already Registered’ tab.
  3. Click the “Generate OTP” button after entering the UAN number, birth date, and captcha code.
  4. Click the “Validate” button after entering the OTP that was sent to the cellphone number.
  5. Verify the personal information that pops up on the screen.
  6. Select “Download” and then “Submit” to confirm your entered data.
  7. You will receive an OTP at your mobile number.
  8. After entering the OTP, press the “Verify” button.
  9. On the screen, the produced e-Shram card is visible.
  10. Picking the download option will also allow you to download the e-Shram Card.

How To Check The Status Of An E-Shram Card Payment?

  1. Go to the e-Shram website.
  2. Select the link for “E-Aadhaar Card Beneficiary Status Check.”
  3. Click the “Submit” button after entering the e-Shram card number, UAN number, or Aadhar Card number.
  4. The e-Shram payment status is visible.

E-Shram Card Helpline Number

14434 is the toll-free number for the e-Shram Card Helpline, and [email protected] is the e-Shram email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Much Do We Receive Each Month From Our E-shram Card?

Yes, unorganized workers with an e-Shram card will receive a monthly pension. After turning 60, the employees will receive a monthly pension of Rs. 3,000 and become immediately eligible for additional government programmes.

Q2: How Do I Obtain My E-shram Pension?

Employers who wish to use the E-Shram Card Labor Pension Scheme must first register with the E-Shram website. You can next use all of your supporting papers to register with the scheme’s representative at your neighbourhood public service centre.

Q3: How Many Years Will You Receive A Pension?

A person engaged in the unorganized sector who entered the nation will also be entitled to get money for three years after turning 60, in accordance with the E Shram Card 3000 Pension Yojana 2022.

Q4: How Much Will The Owner Of An E-Shram Card Receive?

Each month, employees who have an e-Shram card will get a pension payment.

After reaching the age of 60, the workers will receive a pension of Rs. 3,000 per month.

A Rs. 2 lakh death benefit and Rs. 1 lakh financial help in the event of a partial handicap will also be given to them.

Q5: What Is The Deadline For Registering For The E-Shramik Card?

The e-shram Portal’s end day for registration has not yet been declared.

You are free to register to utilize the required prerequisites as the applications are open (Aadhar card with your mobile number linked to it).