devil returns to school days chapter 11 – Complete Information

As we delve into the eleventh chapter of “Devil Returns to School Days,” we are once again transported into a world of mystery, intrigue, and danger. The Devil has returned, and with him come new plans, new friends, and new foes.

As an essay writer, I have had the privilege of exploring this captivating story and bringing its twists and turns to life through my words. In this article, we will take a closer look at what awaits us in this latest chapter of the Devil’s journey.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to be transported once again into the thrilling world of “Devil Returns to School Days.”

The Return of the Devil

In the previous chapters of “Devil Returns to School Days,” we saw Kim Hyun-sung, a first-grade student, fall into a vegetative state after being thrown off a roof.

However, in chapter 11, we witness the return of the devil. It seems that fate has other plans for our protagonist as he wakes up from his coma with newfound powers and abilities.

The devil’s return brings an air of excitement and anticipation to the story. As readers, we are left wondering what kind of havoc he will wreak now that he has returned.

Will he use his powers for good or evil? Only time will tell as we delve deeper into the story and see how his character develops.

The Devil’s New Plans

After his return to school, the devil wasted no time in devising new plans. He knew that he had to be more careful this time around and not make the same mistakes as before.

His first plan was to gain the trust of his classmates and teachers by pretending to be a model student. He would attend all his classes, complete all his assignments on time, and even participate in extracurricular activities.

However, the devil’s ultimate goal was to find a way to regain his full powers and wreak havoc once again. To achieve this, he started researching ancient texts and spells that could help him achieve his objective. He also began recruiting new allies who shared his vision of chaos and destruction.

The devil’s new plans were ambitious, but he was determined to succeed at any cost. As he continued down this path, it became clear that he was more dangerous than ever before.

The stakes were higher, and the consequences of failure were dire. It remains to be seen whether anyone can stop him before it’s too late.

The Devil’s New Friends

As the Devil returns to school days in chapter 11, he finds himself making new friends. However, these friends are not your typical high school students.

They are a group of delinquents who have been causing trouble around the school. The Devil sees potential in them and decides to recruit them for his own purposes.

These new friends of the Devil are tough and street-smart, but they lack direction and purpose. The Devil sees this as an opportunity to mold them into his own personal army. He trains them in combat and teaches them how to use their skills for his own gain.

However, the Devil’s new friends are not without their own agendas. Some of them begin to question the Devil’s motives and wonder if they should continue to follow him. This creates tension within the group and threatens to tear it apart.

Overall, the Devil’s new friends add an interesting dynamic to the story as they bring a different perspective to the table. It will be interesting to see how their relationships with each other and with the Devil develop over time.

The Devil’s New Foes

In the previous section, we discussed how the Devil has returned to school and is making new plans with his new friends. However, with every plan comes opposition, and the Devil’s new foes are no exception. These foes come in various forms, including fellow students who oppose his actions and teachers who are suspicious of his behavior.

One of the most significant obstacles for the Devil is a group of students who have formed an alliance against him.

They believe that he is up to no good and are determined to stop him from carrying out his plans. Additionally, some teachers have started to take notice of the Devil’s strange behavior and are keeping a close eye on him.

Despite these challenges, the Devil remains undeterred and continues to pursue his goals. It will be interesting to see how he navigates through these obstacles and whether or not he will emerge victorious in the end.

The Devil’s New School

After his return, the Devil found himself in a new school. This time, he was not attending as a student but as a teacher.

The school was filled with students who were just like him when he was younger – ambitious and determined to succeed at any cost. However, unlike the Devil’s previous school, this one had a darker side to it.

The students were ruthless and would do anything to get ahead, including cheating and bullying. The Devil saw this as an opportunity to mold these young minds into something more sinister.

He began to teach them how to manipulate others and use their weaknesses against them. He also taught them how to cheat without getting caught.

The Devil’s influence over the students grew stronger each day, and soon he had formed his own army of followers who would do anything he asked of them.

However, there were still those who opposed him – teachers who saw through his facade and students who refused to be corrupted by his teachings.

Despite the opposition, the Devil continued with his plans, determined to create an army of powerful individuals who would help him achieve his ultimate goal – world domination.


In conclusion, the return of the Devil in chapter 11 of “School Days” has brought about a new wave of excitement and intrigue. With his new plans and friends, he is sure to shake things up at his new school.

However, he also faces new foes who are determined to stop him from achieving his goals. It will be interesting to see how the Devil navigates this new environment and what kind of impact he will have on those around him.

As readers, we can only wait with bated breath for the next chapter to see what happens next in this thrilling story.