Clan OSRS || Everything You Want To Know About It’s History

Clan OSRS are an integral part of the game. They provide a sense of belonging and stability to players who find themselves in unfamiliar lands. They help new players through difficulties with training and levelling up. They increase social interaction, which is always good for our mental well-being. 

The clan system in Old School RuneScape is unique in that it doesn’t have any requirements or qualifications to join one – all you need is 10 gold coins to buy your membership.

This makes it easy for anyone looking for a clan (especially newer players) to feel like they belong somewhere, friends with people who share their interests, goals, dreams. On top of everything else clans offer, there’s also an active chat function so you can talk about anything you want.

What Is Clan OSRS?


Clans are a way to create an organized group of players who participate in various activities. Clans have access to features such as Clan Chat, recruitment menus and coffer contents that can be used for their clan’s members only.

The appeal behind clans is the sense of community you get with them – sharing tips on fighting bosses or training skills together. That being said, if your friends don’t play Old School RuneScape, then this article isn’t going to make it any easier to convince them about joining one.

Creating A Clan

To register a clan, players need to travel to the Clan Hub in the southeast corner and talk with the Clerk. An interactive interface will guide them by creating their special rank for membership within this community group.

All founding members must have spent at least 25 hours on the game per day before going ahead of other applicants who are still waiting in line. There’s only room enough here. So make sure you’re ready (and don’t forget about those pesky restrictions like having five total teammates).



If you want your friends and family members to be a part of the coolest new beginning, then create a clan. Once players are in-game with appropriate permissions, they can recruit other gamers via their “Applicants” menu.

Clanmates with recruiting privileges will see an option for inviting prospective members by right-clicking on them, or if equipped with vials, just select “Recruit.”


Clans have existed in RuneScape since the conception of the game. There were no official features for clans, so players had to organize themselves outside of Old School RuneScape (OSRS). The most common types are PvP Clans, PvM Clients or Skilling groups.

Some clubs only focus on specific minigames like Castle Wars while others care about quests – but all kinds exist. Over the years, Jagex began implementing features that directly benefited clans. The first update was the release of team capes in February 2005. When worn, these do not allow players to left-click attack individuals with the same cape.

This step makes it easier for teammates inside or outside wilderness to identify each other through this item’s coloration as purple dots on minimap edge, making them easily distinguishable from white dots representing non-teammate targets.

The RuneScape Forums offer several boards specific to clans. Players can view a list of open clans that they may join or advertise their own. The Clan Chat was added on 6 August 2007, allowing groups of players from anywhere in-game to communicate easily without having to add everyone individually, as was common in early years.

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