Can you Play Diablo Immortal On Mac OS – Complete Guide

Diablo Immortal is still mainly on mobile devices. Will the game ever come to Mac OS and Windows?

The newest installment of the top-rated Diablo series has already been out for almost a month, and fans are relishing their time hacking and slashing their enemies through their mobile devices.

While the game is mainly on mobile, fans wonder whether they can play their Diablo Immortal accounts on other platforms. Fortunately, there are many methods for players to play the mobile ARPG from PC or Mac OS devices.  

Where is Diablo Immortal Available?

Since its inception, the latest Diablo game has been intended to be a mobile game. The gameplay and the ARPG’s systems have been well-optimized for this platform.

As of the moment, players can mainly farm Diablo Immortal Platinum on either Android or iOS devices.  

While Android phones have been the preferred gaming mobile devices, running the game on iOS phones provides the same quality of experience.

Allowing the game to be played on both mobile operating systems has made it more accessible to a larger audience.

There are specific system requirements that need to be met to play the ARPG, such as Androids having Android OS 5.0 or higher and Apple devices having iOS 11 or higher.

While the finished product is currently available on mobile phones, a beta version of the game is now available on PC.

After years of saying that Diablo Immortal will only be played on either Android or Apple products, Blizzard has relented and is now doing test runs on closed servers to optimize the game for its PC release.

The availability of the ARPG on Windows systems has raised the question of whether players can run the game on Mac OS.

Can You Play Diablo Immortal on Mac OS?

No official announcement has declared that the game will also be available on Mac devices. The PC beta version is only penned for Windows, so some players are worried that the game won’t reach their Apple Laptops or Desktops.

However, gamers should note that the previous installments of the series were available on Mac, so there is a high probability that Immortal will follow suit.  

It is unclear how long the closed beta will go since the developers are still optimizing and fixing bugs for the PC version.

Hopefully, Mac OS devices will eventually be included in the closed version or for the final release. Fortunately, there are other ways for players to enjoy the new Diablo ARPG on their Apple laptops and desktops.  

How to Play Diablo Immortal on Mac OS and PC?

While PC play is only available in Windows and closed beta, gamers have found a way to enjoy Diablo Immortal via alternative means. Several fans who use Apple Products have resorted to using Mirroring Apps.

This method will allow players to control their iOS mobile devices through their connected PCs. Unfortunately, this option still requires gamers to own an iOS phone, but it does enable Mac OS gameplay.  

Windows already has a closed beta of the game ongoing right now. However, not everyone can participate in this version of the game, so many fans are still hungry to play Diablo Immortal on their PC.

One of the workarounds for players who want to enjoy mobile games on their laptops and desktops is to use emulators, such as Bluestacks.  

Emulators are available for Windows and Mac OS, so they are a decent alternative to mirroring. While mirror apps allow players to control the mobile device, apps like Bluestacks enable gamers to access their mobile gaming accounts directly without running through their phones.

Emulators also provide keybindings to affix hotkeys to mobile controls, allowing a smoother transition.

Players should note that those using emulators will be placed in a particular separate server, which will be different from those playing purely on mobile.

While some emulators and mirroring apps won’t result in any sanctions, softwares such as M1 can be a cause for being banned in the game. Gamers should always check whether the app they intend to use is not against ToS.

It is unclear how long the PC version will be in development and under close beta. While the game is still mainly on mobile, using emulators and mirroring apps is a good alternative for those who want to farm Diablo Immortal Items on their Windows and Mac OS devices. In the meantime, players can wait until the full version for laptops and desktops comes out.