Addison Rae || Weigh, Net Worth, Properties And Physical Features

Addison Rae an American-born internet dancer, Instagram influencer, Youtuber born on October 06, 2000. Rae comes from the white ethnic and follows the Christian religion.

A well-famed lady you can also call him a Tik Tok star as one of the most important followed on this platform. Read more to study about this model and actresses what she makes for her net worth and much more.

Early Life And Education

Early Life And Education

Rae grew up with two younger brothers her parents Monty and Sheri are still together and feel proud of her. Not only this her mother also runs a Tik Tok account with Millions of followers.

Like another industry person, she is also an educated girl and spent her childhood like a kid. Healthy educational life as attended Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport for high-level studies. 

Then, Addison got enrolled at the Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge where she graduated with honors in 2019. 

In the whole study process, she developed her interest in Journalism. Hence, currently had got a degree in broadcast journalism and mass communication. Further things to notice is that this gorgeous lady had first wanted to become a sports broadcaster by profession.

To fulfill this desire she enrolled at Louisiana State University to study broadcasting. In December 2019 then moved to Los Angeles to start her social media career.

Addison’s Rae Physical Features

  • Hair Color Blonde
  • Eye Color Brown
  • Height 5 feet, 4 inches
  • Weight 55 Kg, 159 Ibs
  • Shoe Size 9 US
  • Unique feature Long, silky hairs

How Does Addison’s Rae Weigh Under Criticism?

Rae’s weight is about 55 kg’s but after her social account photos, she had under criticism about her weight and appearance.

This Tik Tok content creators seem to call out in the comments section when she was of 15 years for her weight. Addison Rae also got a lot of negative comments about appearing bigger or having more weight than her age after posting some videos.

How Does Addison’s Rae Weigh Under Criticism?

These types of comments are for trolls that can hide behind a screen and attack those in the public eyes. Addison Rae then decided to respond to those negative speakers about also in many tweet series to encourage herself. She saw 10-15 negative Tweets about her weight and body and felt insecure but also responded to them.

To answer many negative comments she said to eat better, work out every day to show her perfection in front of fans. Rather than take tension on these comments and tweets she encourages everyone to love themselves as health good and mind healthy.

So as the result of these encouraging messages she got a positive response on social media and thanked fans in her April 26 Tweet. She inspired her fans by sharing modeling pics on Instagram, and they also showed good responses for her series.

This American celebrity follows low carbs diet plan with high protein doze although, she reduced her weight from 59 kg to 55.

Career And Achievements

Tik Tok platform is Addison’s career starter at a very young age while got famed. At the age of 6 years, she started to take part in many dancing competitions.

To start branding she signed with WME in January from some professional projects like dance, modeling, endorsements, etc. All well-known You Tuber has 2 million subscribers with 6.8 million views on her hair and makeup video.

In this video, the fans have not only criticized her makeup skills but have also given positive comments without makeup.

Also uploads behind-the-scenes videos and fashion blogs songwriters by The kid LAROI and got millions of YouTube views. He launched her career on the Tik Tok platform at the age of 19 on October 24, 2019.

“A DAY IN THE LIFE: KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN” that featured Kourtney Kardashian got about 13+ Million views. Besides this, also runs her merchandise named, Shop Addison Rae sells many branded T-shirts, Hoodies, and Tik Tok beginner kits.

She also worked as a voice-over artist in 2018 to Rosalinde’s character in Spy Cat film. She is an active member of the Tik Toker group named The Hype House than in July 2020 with her mother released a podcast named Mama Knows Best.

She is an active traveler in May 2019 visit Seaside, Florida than in August 2019 went to Lake Ouachita on holiday. Then in October 2020 on her 20th birthday visited Lake Powell and do climbing, boating and hiking with family.

She also performed in the show named “She’s That All” the 1999 show in its remake where she portrayed a character by Zachary Siler. One of her good days when in September 2020 interview by Stephen tWitch Boss in “The Ellen Degeneres Show” as a star.

Addison Rae got fame from The Hype House and is also known on Instagram has 35 million+ followers. Besides this, she has started moving at a young age and became a master in her profession. Her photo-taking habit made him popular on the social stage that gained a lot of attention from her age fellow followers. 

Addison’s Rae Net Worth And Properties

Addison’s Rae Net Worth And Properties

As a dynamic stage lady from June 2019 estimated net worth is $5 million. As 2021 reports showed round about $5-$6 million wealth she had at the start of the year.

From her Tik Tok account, she made $6 million while making $200,000 per year and become the global richest Tik Tok star. Other than this her earnings also come from sponsors, brand endorsements, Google Adsense, paid promotion, advertisers at a great level. 

Addison Rae House luxurious bungalow located inexpensive places of Lose Angles, California with the worth $3 Million, and this house is roughly spread half an acre of land also with a beautiful backyard space while invested in many real estate properties.  

Addison Relationship

In 2020 she was in friendship with Bryce Hall partner a professional You Tuber but reports told that both of them are not currently in relation so Addison is single now. Globally she is a competitive and famous Tik Tok dancer a teenage social media girl. So, closing up now we wish for a long positive success for her career, and may she hit sky limit fame.