A Guide To Writing A Well-Written Resume – Latest Info In 2023

Being in the job industry means that you have to be competent and stand out. But first, you must land the job you aim for to gain experience and use the years of going to school. However, job interviews are not that easy to pass.

That is if you even get to one. The first stage you have to pass through before earning a job interview is the resume stage. Hiring managers do not thoroughly read all the resumes submitted since there are too many.

So they just skim through them and pick only those that catch their attention. This means that you are not just going to write a resume; you have to make a good one. Making a resume is not easy, especially if it is your first time.

There are different ways to write your resume depending on the factors present. If you are new to this, you can look for resume examples that match your preference and need to have an idea of how to write yours.

Why should you pass a well-written resume?

It is important to write a good resume because it is the first thing your employer will see about you. Your resume will contain your work experience and achievements. But aside from that, they will be able to see what kind of person and how competent you are based on how you write your resume.

A good resume will reflect how your achievements and dreams align with the company’s vision and goal. This is your first impression so you must leave a good one. Your resume will show your image as a professional because of this, your resume will be the one that will make or break your dream.

This will serve as your foundation and bridge to prove yourself and get a promotion, but you can’t get there without passing through the first screening. No matter your experience, your qualities will not be noticed if your resume is badly written.

A good resume will highlight your qualifications and abilities, making the hiring managers see you as the right candidate.

What does a good resume look like?

In order to stand out, your resume must be of good quality, or else it will end up in the rejection pile. So when you write your resume, you must follow a format and include the things you should consider to create a good one. A Well-Structured Resume will help you stand out, but waldo will make reading easier for the hiring managers.

Personal details

In this part, write the details that will give your employers an idea of you. And Include information that will enable them to contact you. Basic information like name, email address, personal and professional number, and home address.

Adding an image of your driver’s license will be a bonus point! This will help, especially if the nature of the job you are applying for includes driving. Ensure that the information you’ve added is correct and up to date.

Professional life

In this section, you are to write a summary of your professional life. Highlight your achievements, your skills, and how you’ve applied them in the workplace. Convince the employers that you are the one they are looking for. Keep in mind that this part should be concise. 


In this part, write down details about your work and education history. Include all the relevant information and those that will make you look good. Do not forget to include the “little ones.” These details may be embarrassing for you, but they will reflect what you are as a person. Make sure to choose them carefully.


Do not put these if your employer did not ask you to. If they did, add the ones that align with your job. Include those that will highlight your skills and objectives. These references or recommendation letters can come from your former professor, manager, or mentor. 

A well-written resume will take you far and can open up more opportunities than you’ve expected. Do not underestimate the power and importance of this small document. So if you are not sure where to start, go to the Internet and look for these resume examples.

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