A Complete Guide to the Elements Affecting the Price of Real Estate Classes in Wisconsin

Taking and completing a WI real estate license course is a compulsory stipulation and precondition for becoming a licensed real estate professional in Wisconsin. In addition to being a prerequisite, the course gives students a comprehensive mastery of the basic real estate concepts required to be relevant in the field.

There is a fee associated with taking a pre-licensing course, although different course providers charge varying prices for various reasons. We will go into detail about the factors affecting the price of real estate classes in Wisconsin in this article. 

Factors Influencing the Price of Real Estate Classes in Wisconsin

The following are some possible contributing elements to the price you pay the pre-licensing course provider to attend real estate classes in Wisconsin.

Course content and duration

The duration of real estate classes in Wisconsin affects the course provider’s pricing structure. Some courses cover a narrow range of concepts, while others cover numerous topics and subtopics. Importantly, applicants for salesperson and broker licenses must complete the Wisconsin 72-hour real estate course.

However, the range of subjects examined in these classes still varies by school. You can utilize this useful source to get a comprehensive understanding of the course material that is part of real estate classes in Wisconsin at a popular real estate school.

Accreditation and reputation of the course provider

One important factor influencing the cost that a student must pay is the reputation and accreditation of the Wisconsin real estate license course provider. Specific requirements for rigor and quality imposed by accrediting agencies are met by approved pre-licensing schools.

There is a cost associated with the resources offered to achieve the accreditation level. The cost that they charge to everybody who enrolls in any of their courses is greatly influenced by this price.

Furthermore, respectable, accredited schools have gained the confidence and reputation of industry participants, employers, and students.

Higher tuition costs are frequently justified by the perceived value of the education offered by respectable pre-licensing schools. Furthermore, students that enroll in approved and accredited schools get access to resources, networking possibilities, and value. Their cost structure is impacted by each of these.

Mode of delivery of real estate classes in Wisconsin

The method used to deliver real estate classes in Wisconsin to the students also affects how much the pre-licensing course costs. The three most popular delivery methods are traditional classroom-based, hybrid, and online classes.

A certain percentage is added above the total cost of the pre-licensing course for each of these methods of instruction. Also take note that a Wisconsin real estate license online class costs noticeably less. 


There are areas in Wisconsin with a high cost of living and a big demand for real estate education. The prices charged by the state’s providers of pre-licensing real estate courses in Wisconsin are highly influenced by these two location-related considerations.

Be ready to pay more if the course provider is located in an area of the state where the cost of living is high. Importantly, online classes are more likely to be affordable regardless of location.


This article has investigated the factors that influence the cost you pay to a pre-licensing course provider for attending real estate classes in Wisconsin. By being aware of these elements, you will be able to justify the costs of your pre-licensing course.